Are you ready to try a whole new style of fantasy football this season?

  Are you ready to try a whole new style of fantasy football this season? offers daily fantasy sports - one and one week fantasy contests where you can pick a whole new roster every time. The kicker with FanDuel is that their games are played for cash - you can win thousands on a single NFL Sunday if you pick the right team! 

  FanDuel games are played with a salary cap format - no drafts, no injuries to ruin your team. All you have to do is pick your players within the set cap; the prices are set by the trends in a player's performance. A running back who is a bargain one week, could be the most expensive player available two weeks later. The entry fees for these games range anywhere from $1 to $535, and you can choose from anything between a head-to-head fantasy contest or a massive tournament with 3,000 players.

  What does this have to do with FantasyFootballBeastHouse? Well, thanks to our brand new partnership, all season long we're going to be bringing you exclusive contests and promotions from FanDuel - stuff you can only get by coming to FFBeastHouse! Make sure to watch out through the season for new tournaments, promotional offers, and other great stuff from the guys at FanDuel. Want to beat your fellow FFBeastHouse readers? Keep an eye out for strategy advice from our team every week! 

  Ready to compete against your fellow FantasyFootballBeastHouse readers? Use the promocode BEASTHOUSE on your first deposit to get a 30% deposit bonus! FanDuel opens their football contests in early August - make sure you're in there with us!  

by: +Jason Kaz