Saturday, July 11, 2015

Three Players Who Could Make A Huge Splash In Fantasy Football 2015

Fantasy football season is right around the corner, and people are starting to do their analysis to figure out who to go after. Most people already know about the best players at each position, but that usually does not win or lose a league. Instead, going after the right second-tier players can really pay off. Here's a look at three guys who could make a big difference in fantasy football this year.

CJ Spiller

The New Orleans Saints are not really known for running the football consistently. That is what happens when you have one of the best quarterbacks in recent memory in Drew Brees. However, he is starting to show his age, and that means the game plan might be changing a little bit in the Big Easy. New running back CJ Spiller has a chance to take advantage of this shift in focus. He is going to be fighting for touches with Mark Ingram, but he has been injured pretty frequently during his brief NFL career so far. Spiller is also an injury risk, but things are lining up for him to be pretty good this year.

Stedman Bailey

The St. Louis Rams have a new quarterback, and he will be looking for at least a couple of guys to rely on in the passing game. Bailey might not get a lot of hype, but he has been pretty consistent in his first two seasons. If he can develop a good relationship with Nick Foles, he might just be the biggest surprise at wide receiver in 2015.

Marcus Mariota

Labeling a Heisman Trophy winner and the #2 overall pick as a sleeper might be a stretch, but people are not really expecting him to hit the ground running in the NFL. However, just about everything is lined up for him to be pretty successful in Tennessee at least statistically. There is not a lot of pressure to win right away, so they are going to give him the chance to succeed and fail. They are also building a system around him that will utilizes his strengths, so that could end up paying off. Take him as a backup quarterback and see what he can do.