Friday, November 15, 2013 - Helping you take advantage of the spread!

PredictList knows there are two sides to every game.  We take the numbers, a cumulative of average points per game, yards per game, yards allowed, points allowed, yards per point, points per quarter, points per half, average interceptions, fumbles, recoveries, special team yards, drive starting average, drives starting in opponents territory, DVOA ratings, power rankings, injuries, home field advantage, coming off a bye week, the list keeps going and we score it.  AND that’s just half, then we listen to the shows, the talking heads, the inside sports bettors, the reports, read the papers, study the spreads, watch the lines  and give MOMENTUM points for every week.  PredictList is the shortcut to beating the spreads.  We are new and starting with just a few great games a week.  Soon we will be offering a membership for a rundown of every game, every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We have started our formula for NBA and college hoops and will be releasing our picks soon.  Go to the site and check out the easy to read layout.  We are up to new things. Follow us on twitter: @PredictList

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