Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week #7 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'

Welcome back to another edition of "The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four" Sit Em and Start Em. Lets get right to it.

NFL Week #7 2013 Fantasy Football START EM's' by: Justin Lonero (@lonero_justin)

Week #7 Quarterback - Start EM's

Tony Romo- The guy is having a great fantasy football season averaging almost 300 yards/game.  Week 7 he will face an Eagles team that allows just as much offense through the air as anyone(314 yards/game).  I expect a shoot out in Philadelphia.  After a pedestrian week expect Romo to light up the Eagles.

Andrew Luck- Week 7 Peyton Manning goes to Indianapolis, for a welcome back party.  This game could be the shoot out of the year.  Luck will face a Denver defense that has allowed over 2000 yards in the air averaging 337/game.  It was only the second game of his career without a rushing or passing touchdown.  Like Romo I expect Luck to have a bounce back game.

Nick Foles- The Cowboy's  are allowing over 300 yards a game, and two touchdowns.  A perfect time for Nick Foles to gain the starting job in Philadelphia.  Last week he torched Tampa Bay, he will continue to chuck the ball around week 7 versus the Cowboys.

Phillip Rivers- Phillip Rivers has been one of the biggest surprises in fantasy football this year.  He is throwing the ball at will, and even getting some balance in the running game. With spotty wide receiver play, it appears he has found stability with Keenan Allen.  Week 7 the Chargers travel to Jacksonville to terrorize the Jaguars.  He is distributing the ball the field and continues to be a must start.

Week #7 Running Back - Start EM's

Knowshon Moreno- Very similar to Phillip Rivers, Moreno has arrived on the scene in fantasy land.  It is nice to know if Peyton Manning struggles, they have a sound running game.  Week 7 the Broncos face the Colts in a game that looks like points will come in abundance.  The Colts are just about dead last in stopping the run.  He is a must start going forward.

Deangelo Williams- Week 7 the Panthers look to gash the Rams just like everyone else has.  Williams has yet to reach pay dirt, but continues to be spoon fed.  J-Stew is still out and D-Will has to share a little bit, but so long as he is healthy his yardage will continue to add up and the touchdowns will come.

Lamar Miller- I know the Miami backfield is a guessing game.  I know Daniel Thomas wont go away.  I also know the Dolphins are coming off a bye week and will play the Bills at home.  The Bills are among the worst teams in football against the run.  He has been a monumental underachiever this season. Going forward he should separate from Thomas, and distinguish himself as the lead back.

Giovani Bernard- Bernard was drafted with high hopes to begin the season has the Bengals work horse.  As we know the transition from college to the pro's is a real reality check.  BJGE is still present in Cincinnati so he takes away touches, but going forward Giovani Bernard has more upside.  Week 7 the Bengals go to Detroit and face a bottom tier Lion rush defense.  At this point Bernard is a solid rb2.

Week #7 Wide Receiver - Start EM's

T.Y. Hilton- Hilton is going to be involved in a wild shoot out sunday night against Denver.  Reggie Wayne might draw all the attention in what looks to be a high scoring affair.  The Broncos are giving up 338 yards in the air per game.  That is obviously due to the fact they are always in front and the opposition is playing catch up.  Hilton has 2 one hundred yard games this year and will likely add a third week 7.

Justin Blackmon- After serving his four game suspension he has come to play as if he never left.  Week six he was targeted 20 times.  He and fantasy owners benefited from Cecil Shorts getting injured early on.  It is difficult to grasp that a Jacksonville Jaguar has solidified himself as an every week star, but he is every bit of that currently.  Week 7 should be no different he will face a terrible San Diego secondary that ranks 27th in the league.  Get it while the getting is good.

DeSean Jackson- It has been a career year for D-Jax so far.  He has been targeted 19 times in his last two games, and week 7 things get juicier for him.  He will square of against a Dallas Cowboy team that has allowed more touchdowns then anyone.  He is second in the league in receiving yards, and has meshed just fine with Nick Foles.

Victor Cruz- The Giants have had little reason to dance this season, but who really cares Victor Cruz can dance when he wants.  He has been quiet the last couple games, which tells me he is due for a break out game.  Week 7 Cruz will face the Vikings who have given up 13 touchdowns in 5 games.  Monday night could be a perfect night for Cruz to dance away.

Week #7 Tight End - Start EM's

Jordan Cameron- It is obvious the cohesiveness that Cameron had with Brian Hoyer, is much better then what he has with Brandon Weeden.  Nonetheless he has lived up to his hype.  Week 7 he will face the Packers on the road and will probably trail early. Cameron is averaging 77 yards a game and a touchdown through 6 weeks.

Jermichael Finley- Finley's stock has risen over night due to injuries to James Jones and Randall Cobb.  He will be the beneficiary of more targets without a doubt.  His role will have to increase in order for Aaron Rodgers to move the ball vertically.  He is a must start week 7 at home against the Cleveland Browns.

Tony Gonzalez- Gonzalez much like Jermichael Finley will be leaned on more this week due to injuries to their core wide receivers.  He is averaging just under 70 yards a game but that number should spike.  Coming off the bye week, the Falcons face off against the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home.  With Steven Jackson, Julio Jones, and more then likely Roddy White out, you have to figure Gonzo will have to get the ball often.

Greg Olsen- Olsen is coming off a two catch performance, on four targets week 6. The Panthers bludgeoned the Vikings so his services were not needed to win.  Week 7 the Panthers play the Rams who have allowed 11 touchdowns to opposing tight end's through six games.  I expect a bounce back week from Olsen.

NFL Week #6 2013 Fantasy Football Sit EM's by: Eric Allen

Week #7 Quarterback - Sit EM's

RGIII– All season everyone has been waiting for RGIII to show us a little of his playmaking abilities from last year. I thought for sure that last week was the week for him to shine. He was coming off of a BYE and facing a familiar foe. However his turnover woes continued. This week RGIII will square off against the Bears who make a living on T.O.’s. 
Sam Bradford– The Panthers shut QB’s down. It’s what they do. Thus far they’ve allowed the fewest points to opposing QB’s. I know what you’re thinking... They really haven’t seen a stud other than the artist formerly known as Eli Manning. The Rams have zero run game so look for Bradford to be under a lot of pressure this week. 
Joe Flacco– Everything involved with the Raven’s offense is unpredictable. Flacco’s numbers look like something out of Six Flags, and the Raven’s have no clue as to what their identity is. Usually you can say Flacco is a good bye week replacement, but there are far too many other options these days. 
Alex Smith– Mr. Safe is actually leading the Chiefs offense on a very quiet undefeated season... SSSSHHHH, don’t wake Peyton! Problem is, Mr. Safe does not produce in fantasy land as of late. Jamal Charles and that crazy D are the only hopes in FFB for the Chiefs. 
Week #7 Running Back - Sit EM's

Trent Richardson– The Best thing about T Rich going to the Colts was all the uproar of how the Browns could make such a move involving a young stud. Truth be told, they were getting fed up with Richardson’s production and they are looking like geniuses. Richardson has done nothing in a backfield where there is zero competition and this week he faces a Bronco’s defense that forces you to throw on them because of the marathon they put you through. 
Steven Ridley– Ridley had a great week against the Saints and finally owners feel like they will get their value out of a guy that was so hyped coming into this season. Well, I hope your hopes aren’t too high this week. The Jets are big up the middle and have been playing the run really well. Just look back at Ridley’s number Week 2 against the Jets. His only chance for double digit points will be because of his opportunities within the 5 yard line. 
Chris Johnson– We are 6 weeks into the NFL season and CJ hasn’t even gained 500 all purpose yards and has only found the end zone once! I’m over this guy and I do not want to hear anymore talk of an early round pick on this guy in the future. He can’t find the holes and always tries to bounce it outside. Well... the scouting report is out and everyone knows his game. His value is so meaningless, that the Titans should consider him on Special Teams to maybe get him some space. 
Willis McGahee– Whatchu talking bout starting this guy!? I guess he was on the couch for a reason coming into this season. McGahee looks more like a fullback, and with the injury bug getting everyone, the options are arising everywhere. Sit him, maybe even drop him! I’d rather Roy Helu, Mike Tolbert, even Ronnie Hillman over this guy!
Week #7 Wide Receiver - Sit EM's

Vincent Brown– Move over Vince a star is emerging in Keenan! Vincent Brown is a great possession receiver, but he lacks big play ability. Unless you are in a PPR league, he is virtually useless.
Greg Jennings– This week on the QB carousel is Josh Freeman. Question is, what Josh Freeman will we see for the Vikings? Freeman is coming in with no set connections and we all know QB’s have their favorite wideouts but with nothing to go by your guess is as good as mine. Freeman could lock into Simpson, Rudolph, or Jennings but I’d definitely hold off for a week until we figure who is the guy. 

Miles Austin– Hamstrings are like that crazy ex –girlfriend we’ve all had. It’s all about how you handle them. Rush back into it thinking you’ll be ok and you’re right back to where you left off. Think they’re gone and all is good and pow, your back in the ice tubs. The Cowboys have injuries all over, but if they want to win the division they have to get healthy. I’m think Miles is more of a decoy right now because he has no explosion at all right now. 
Dwayne Bowe– Bowe must feel like a TE thus far. He is spending more time blocking than being involved in the passing game. Not only is he not putting up numbers, he isn’t even getting a significant amount of looks. DBowe is a huge talent that is going sour because his abilities involve a risk and an arm. 
Week #7 Tight End - Sit EM's

Jared Cook– Cook is like a coin flip for the Rams right now. I can’t figure out what happened to the guy that looked unstoppable Week 1. Fisher obviously brought him in because he liked him in Tennessee but for some reason he’s either lost his trust or he sees something in Kendricks. 
Joseph Fauria- Don’t get too excited. Every now and then someone will come out of nowhere and shock the fantasy world. People will jump on and hope the fun continues, but then it disappears and everyone is left looking foolish. Calvin is getting healthier by the day so don’t expect many more looks to this young TE in the future. Especially against the Bengals who’ve held their own against TE’s all year long. 
Scott Chandler– Chandler is another guy whose numbers look like a roller coaster. He shows up one week and disappears for 2-3. Last week Chandler found the endzone, but it was on fourth down and was only his second catch of the day. Thad Lewis will be under center this week and is more of a running QB. Pass blocking TE’s often look lost when athletic QB’s scramble because they are often confused as to break off a route or to clear a path. 
Brandon Myers- We are getting closer and closer to Halloween and the Giants are definitely a horror show. I’m starting Mike Myers over Brandon Myers this week as I expect less nightmares if I go in that direction. 

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