Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week #6 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'

  Some Games week five, looked as if they were being played on the original Nintendo, just like a classic shootout or lopsided win in Tecmo Bowl.  My team is a mirror image of the New York Giants, which is as depressing as a feeling that any fantasy team owner can have.  I really missed on TY Hilton  CJ Spiller/Fredex last week, but who could have envisioned that type of production? The sit column is loaded with pessimistic and cynical views, which fits the script for every monday morning quarterback.  You find yourself rooting against sixteen players each week, just to confirm your own prediction.  The reality of the situation is that no one can predict what a fantasy player does each week.  Thus the term 'Fantasy'.
   I am starting to think with media, and social networking, teams and players are deliberately playing cat and mouse with fantasy players about injury reports etc.  Which, is another component that is detrimental to the writer trying to give advise.  Regardless I will be fifty years old picking guys up on waivers. and don't forget to follow me on twitter here: @lonero_justin

NFL Week #6 2013 Fantasy Football SIT EM's' by: Justin Lonero

Week #6 Quarterback - Sit EM's

1.  Mathew Stafford- Week five Stafford was without Megatron and he performed like a fish out of water.  He is a starting fantasy quarterback in all leagues but, without the best wide receiver in football he will be a lost soul.  He threw a garbage touchdown at the two minute warning week five ,and without that, his numbers wouldn't have been fluffed.  Week six he faces the Browns, at home who have a top quarterback against percentage.  Consider other options especially if Calvin Johnson is out again.

2.  Ryan Fitzpatrick- Some of us have to find replacements for our quarterbacks on the bye week.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer week six.  Jake Locker appears to be out again, and the Titans travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks, and the noise of the twelfth man.  The Seahawks coming off a road loss to Indianapolis are not going to be happy, and Fitzpatrick will be the recipient of their frustration.  Seek better options.

3.  Andy Dalton-  The Red Rifle managed to squeak by the Patriots sunday in a tight one.  No thanks to him, his defense was responsible for that.  After five weeks he has thrown just five touchdowns.  His chemistry with Aj Green seems to be miles away, and that is paramount in the Bengals offense, if he is going to be a weekly fantasy quarterback.  Week six he will face the Buffalo Bills on the road.  I don't hate him this week, but there are better matchup's for certain.  At this point he is more of a game manager, then a guy that is going to explode on the fantasy scene.

4.  Eli Manning- Eli Manning leads the league in interceptions with twelve.  Week six, the circus travels to Chicago on a short week to face the Bears.  He simply cannot be trusted at this point to start in a twelve team league.   No question he has talent at wide receiver and tight end, I just can picture plugging him in unless it was an emergency.  He is bound to have a great week sooner or later, but this isn't the week.  Seven of his twelve interception have come in the fourth quarter.  The Bears do give up points and yards frequently.  Eli and company need a vacation and a bye week to regather themselves.

Week #6 Running Back - Sit EM's

1. Chris Johnson- Cj2k is averaging 3.1 yards and a carry and hasn't gone over one hundred yards rushing once this year.  His upside is gone and he is a week to week gamble.  His value is dropping as he continues to struggle, and week six at Seattle is not going to be a walk in the park.  He made it clear on Twitter that he does not care about anyones fantasy team, I see him as a low end rb2 at this point.

2.Eddie Lacy- Week five Baltimore absolutely shut down the Miami Dolphins running game.  Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas had twenty one total yards on the ground.  Lacy is getting comfortable and has found a permanent job in Green Bay.  Week six might be his toughest challenge.

3. Frank Gore- The seasoned veteran is having himself a solid start to the season.  He has touchdowns in back to back games, and he is averaging a little under five yards per carry.  He is no spring chicken, and relief comes in to help him periodically.  That said week six he will face a defense that has not allowed a touchdown to opposing running backs this year.  Darryl Washington is back from suspension and he will be stalking Gore all Sunday.  He is not a guy you will remove from your lineup at this point, but it is a nightmare matchup for the Niners running game.

4. Maurice Jones Drew- MJD has seen better days as an NFL running back.  Father time is catching up to him, as it is all of us.  Week six , one would almost feel bad for a Jaguar team that has to travel to Denver.  The Jags lost their first round pick,left tackle, Luke Joeckel to an ankle injury. That cant help a guy that is only averaging 2.8 yards a carry.  Chances are the Jaguars will dump the ground game early due to an air assault by Peyton Manning.  Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon are the only Jags to even consider starting.

Week #6 Wide Reciever - Sit EM's (Bonus Week - 5 Sits)

1. Larry Fitzgerald- It is starting to look and feel the way it has for Fitzgerald owners, how its always felt.  The feeling of frustration by drafting him with confidence and then being let down by awful quarterback play. Last week he caught three passes against Carolina, this is becoming the ongoing saga.  Andre Johnson was shut down week five against the Niners a week ago.  A teamFitzgerald will face week six.  He has become a low end wr2 and it breaks my heart to say it.

2. Tavon Austin- Austin is shifty and can be a dangerous weapon in the league, eventually.  The Rams disguised him in the preseason and his first few weeks have been very rookie like.  It is only a matter of time till he breaks out but how long can you wait? Week six the Rams play the Texans who will be angry after the drubbing the Niners gave them a week earlier.  The Texans are only allowing 15.8 fantasy points a game to opposing wide receivers, and it seems Sam Bradford doesn't mind spreading the ball around.  Its a good week to play someone that has an easier matchup.

3. Kenny Britt/ Kedall Wright/ Nate Washington-  If you own a Titans wide receiver it is a good week to sit them.  Last week I suggested that TY Hilton should sit against the Seahawks and that back fired.  Hilton went off, toe injury and all.  TY Hilton is also better then any Of the Titans receivers.  With Jake Locker out again, Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to have a nightmare passing against Richard Sherman and company.  Much like the Texans the Hawks are going to be angry coming off losses.  Seek alternative avenues week 6.

4. Julian Edelman- I think Edelman is crashing down to Earth now.  Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski are going to be back in the mix and he will just be another guy for #12 to choose from.  Week five Edelman was shut down against Cincinnati I cant imagine things to get easier for him against one of the best defenses in football.  The Saints come to New England week six and we could see a shoot out, or we could see a game fought in the trenches.  Truth be told, there are more talented options for Brady to feed.  He is not an awful start but, certainly a dicey one.

5. Steve Smith- He has been plagued with drops all season long, but still has been targeted the most by Cam Newton.  Smith is only averaging 40 yards per game receiving.  A sad but real number.  Week six Carolina will face the Vikings who have only allowed three wide receiving touchdowns all year.  He may eventually have a "vintage"Steve Smith day but he is too inconsistent at this stature to plug in with faith.

Week #6 Tight End - Sit EM's

1. Jermaine Gresham- Week five Jordan Cameron was shut down by the Bills.  Gresham had four catches against the Patriots, keeping his non scoring in 2013 streak going.  Week 6 the Bengals go to Buffalo, expect him to have four, or five targets.  The Bills have only allowed one touchdown to a tight end so far this season.

2. Brandon Myers- Myers has to be one of the more reliable tight ends in the game over the last couple years.  His biggest problem right now is his ankle, and that he plays for the Giants. He has 18 catches in five games translating to under four catches a contest.  Week 6 the G-Men go to Chicago and face a cover two defense that has allowed decent yardage to tight end's, but have only allowed one touchdown.  I want zero part of that offense, tread lightly with Myers.

3. Jordan Cameron- Last thursday Cameron showed us he is human.  The Bills took him out of the game, and stopped the havoc he has been causing against opposing defenses.  Week 6 Jordan Cameron will face a Lion's team that has not allowed a touchdown to a tight end.  I don't think he can be benched on any format, but the numbers suggest he wont hit pay dirt.  Brandon Weeden being back will help him, he may be the only receiver Weeden can reach.

4. Kellen Winslow- Winslow is a headache, with a ton of talent, and a loose cannon disposition.  His teammate Jeff Cumberland has outplayed Winslow recently, but both are shaky, and desperate starts.  Week 6 the Jets will play the Steelers who are allowing the third fewest points against tight ends.  I dont think any New York Jet is worth owning besides Bilal Powell, but Geno has to throw the ball occasionally.

NFL Week #6 2013 Fantasy Football Start EM's by: Eric Allen
Week #6 Quarterback - Start EM's

1. Jay Cutler- The Bears offense has been flourishing this season and Jay Cutler finally has trust in all of his receivers.  This week he is next in line to take a few whacks on the Giants D.  Cutler is a full blown no brainer this week.  I expect no less than 3 TD’s out of him.
2. RGIII- Coming of the bye week, RGIII returns home to Texas in a primetime showdown against the Cowboys who were recently lit up by Peyton’s machine.  While Griffin is no Manning, he has been under a lot of scrutiny for returning from his injury too soon.  From my perspective, I think he is simply a QB that had no live action until the regular season.  Look for RGIII to have a Wild West shootout as he looks to return to form in a game everyone will be watching.

3. Big Ben Roethlisberger- There haven’t many bright spots at all for the Steelers this season.  Actually it can’t get any worse.  However, the return of Le’Veon Bell has brought hope back to the offense and should take pressure off of Big Ben.  Not many QB’s can succeed without the threat of a run, and it has been a staple of who the Steelers are for as long as I can remember.  Big Ben is also coming off of a bye this week and should do well against an over confident Jets defense.  The Jets are playing well but can’t make the big plays on defense and only have 1 INT while surrendering 9 TD’s.  Big Ben should be licking his chops and so should you.

4. Matt Schaub- Schaub is this week’s wildcard start.  This week we will see what he is made of. After being benched and harassed by a fan outside of his home, Schaub should be pissed and ready to show his competitive nature.  He has all the weapons that a QB would dream of, but he needs his mojo.  I think he will bounce back against a poor Rams secondary and put the doubters on hold for at least one more week.
Week #6 Running Back - Start EM's

1. Knowshon Moreno- If you are on twitter or follow sports media, you probably saw LeSean McCoy’s tweet about Moreno.  Funny thing is, up until this year I would have agreed with Shady.  However Moreno is showing he can flat out ball.  The biggest reason for his playing time is his pass protection and thus far has been 2nd to none.  With all eyes on Peyton, Knowshon has been able to quietly have productive fantasy numbers just by being on the field.  
2. DeAngelo Williams- The Panthers are 7th in the league in rush yards per game thus far and much should be credited to DWill.  He did hit a wall against the Cardinals last week, but Arizona is actually 3rd in the NFL against RB’s allowing only 79.3 ypg on the ground.  This week he faces a Vikings D that has been atrocious against the run.  Williams biggest issue has been his difficulty getting in the endzone.  I thinks this should be his time to break through and have a 100 and 1-2 TD game.

3. Brandon Bolden- With Ridley out and Bill Belichick impatience with RB’s who cough it up, I love Bolden this week.  Especially in PPR formats.  The Patriots will be looking to slow down the Saints offense and it seems the only way to do it is by keeping them off the field. How you do that is by running the ball and converting on 3rd down.  Bolden is my definitely my RB sleeper this week in an otherwise “tough” matchup.

4. Danny Woodhead- So the Chargers let one of their biggest playmakers walk a few years back.  No, I’m not talking about LT, I’m talking about Darren Sproles.  Well, it seems they go their playmaker back and his name is Danny Woodhead.  As many small RB’s have shown, Woodhead is a tough match up for any defense.  Coming out of the backfield he is typically covered by slower LB’s and Rivers loves those mismatches.  With all other RB’s in SD underperforming, Woodhead has a lot of upside because of hands and quickness.
Week #6 Wide Receiver - Start EM's

1. Danny Amendola- Never would I have imagined listing 2 grown men named “Danny” back to back in my NFL Fantasy Starts.  Amendola, fresh off his typical injury, showed he can get open and make plays for Brady.  Amendola was drafted by many as a top 1-2 wideout, and I think he will get plenty of targets from Brady.  He was brought in to replace Welker and Brady seems to look for him as if he is Welker.  The Saints D is no joke this year, but the Patriots might find themselves playing catch-up all afternoon.
2. TY Hilton- TY has been the home run hitter for Andrew Luck.  With Wayne taking all the double coverages, Hilton has been able to blow the top off of opposing defenses and this week they face one of the league’s worst in SD. I expect him to pick up right where he left off from last week.

3. Donnie Avery- Avery has quickly become one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets.  It seems that he is the perfect fit for Alex Smith in Andy Reid’s West Coast offense.  With Dwayne Bowe dragging safeties down field Avery has been open through the middle in almost every game.   This week the Chiefs will square off against a surprisingly talented Raider team.  However the Raiders have struggled against the pass especially to team’s #2 receivers.

4. Blackmon/Shorts- The only bright spots for the Jags have been their young wide receivers, and there is no better week to start both of these studs.  The Jags will be down early in this game which gives them plenty of opportunity for targets and big plays.  Denver has been in horse races with everyone (all puns intended), and their defense has been suspect throughout all of them.  

Week #6 Tight End - Start EM's

1. Martellus Bennett- Bennett is a target machine, he is an excellent option for Cutler in the middle of the field.  He is also a game time decision.  The Giants come to town on a short week and he will probably want to face his old team.  Bennett is looking for his 4th touchdown of the season, keep an eye on his status he is a must start in all formats.

2. Jermichael Finley- Finley's only multi touchdown game in his career came against the Baltimore Ravens.  Week six he is going to attempt to do it again. When healthy Finley is among the most versatile tight ends in the game.  Similar to the Denver offense there are a lot of mouths to feed in Green bay.  Finley is a top twelve tight end and should be  started regularly.

3. Brent Celek- Celek is a player that has been around a while.  With Nick Foles at the helm week 6 he will look to continue his rapport with him.  Week 5 Celek had a gorgeous 25 yard touchdown from Foles.  The Buccaneers have tightened up recently against tight ends after being dismantled early on.  Look for Celek to be a safety blanket for Foles.

4. Garrett Graham- With Owen Daniels out due to injury, someone has to replace him.  The 4th season tight end Graham has played well when given the opportunity.  He could flourish week 6 in the red zone.  The passing game has gone a little leas vertical and Matt Schaub has relied on running backs, and his tight ends, inside the twenty.  Give Graham a shot week 6 at home against the Rams.