Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week #5 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'

NFL Week # 5 2013 Fantasy Football START EM's' by: Eric Allen

This week I will be handling the Starts. We’ve decided to switch things up every few weeks so that we can stay fresh.  If you had a chance to read my sits last week, they were definitely on point with the expected exceptions.  The Texans showed up in the first half until the Jet lagged Seahawks woke up.  This meant big days for Foster and AJ.   I was also wrong with Charles Clay, but this was also due to a desperate Miami D trying to play catch-up all night. (@MrEaSports247)

Week #5 Quarterback - Start EM's
Eli Manning - I know what you’re thinking.  Everything about the Giants stiiiiiiiinks! You know what also stinks!? The Eagles Defense!  As long as Eli can find the time to make some decisions he should have a solid game.  I expect this game to be a shootout as they typically tend to be with these NFC Rivals.
Brian Hoyer  - Maybe all those years behind TB12 gave Hoyer his edge.  Hoyer has been playing great football and is not turning the ball over.  Anchored by a surprisingly solid Defense, a young star TE and a deep threat in Josh Gordon, this guy (Gruden voice) is getting it done!  My only concern with Hoyer is the Thursday night woes.  These games have been slow and tough to watch.  However, if I learned anything in grade school, it was that when multiplying negatives (CLE vs BUF) you always get a positive result.  
Philip Rivers - Rivers has turned into a MUST START in all leagues. I repeat, a MUST START in all leagues.  He is looking like the side slinger of old and it doesn’t seem to matter who the recipient is.  I’m starting Rivers over a lot of guys going forward because he has proven to be consistent and reliable.  By a lot of guys I mean,  Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and yes this week even Tommy Terrific. 
Sam Bradford - When we as humans struggle professionally, the best remedy is often some sort of confidence/team building experience.  Well, straight out of the corporate handbook Bradford gets his much needed boost against the Division 1A Jaguars.  Not only will he shine, he and the Rams look to put it on the Jags like all others have this season.  Hopefully this will give him his mojo back because lately he has looked awful and could soon be shipped out of STL in the offseason if he doesn’t get his act together.  No more excuses!

Week #5 Running Back - Start EM's
David Wilson - Now, I don’t want to repeat myself after what I wrote with Eli.  The Eagles are one of league’s worst at stopping opposing RB’s.  This most likely could be blamed on Chip Kelly’s offense.  When you speed up the tempo on offense, but fail to move the chains, your defense suffers from fatigue.  If the G-men can somehow build an early lead and play a little defense themselves they can burn the Eagles with the run.  This also will help take pressure off of Eli.  The time is now for Wilson to prove himself.  We all have seen his potential and the Giants have nothing to lose this week.
Knowshon Moreno - The Broncos seem to have found their guy at the RB spot.  Moreno does it all for this high powered offense.  He hits the holes, pass blocks, and also has proven his ability to pull in passes from Manning.  This offense is a well oiled machine and if it ain’t broke why would they fix it?  Expect Moreno to continue to be the guy.
Eddie Lacy - Coming off his concussion and Bye Week, Lacy looks to pick things up against a suspect Lions D.   They are currently surrendering the 3rd most points to opposing RB’s and this game is being played at one of the historically toughest stadiums.  Another factor Lacy has going for his is the supporting cast… there really isn’t one.  Franklin is coming off a foot injury, while James Starks is battling his knee problems. 
Ryan Mathews - Mathews has slowly but surely seen his work load increase as the season goes on.  Besides his week 2 fumble he is holding on to the football and in turn gaining trust from his coaches.  Mathews is also showing his ability to make plays in the passing game which adds to his value in PPR leagues.  I would strongly consider starting Mathews this week at a Flex Spot against the Raiders.

Week #5 Wide Receiver - Start EM's
Kenbrell Thompkins - Coming into this season, there was a lot of noise about Thompkins big play abilities.  Then the regular season began and the drops were consistent.  Fortunately for him the Patriots had no option but to continue with their young wideout.  Thompkins must have had rookie jitters early on because he is now emerging as one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets.  He faces a tough match up this week, but the Patriots have looked sharp and Thompkins has earned the trust of Brady.  Thompkins has definitely earned himself a low end 2/high end 3 must start label.
Alshon Jeffery - Alshon is slowing coming to light for the Bear’s offense.  We were told all offseason that Jay Cutler was going to start spreading the ball around and for the first 2 weeks nothing had changed.  Well now that Marteullus Bennett has proven his worth and Brandon Marshall has seen constant double coverage, Alshon Jeffery has used his size and skill set to make plays.  The Bears are arguably one of the most complete teams in the NFL right now.  Last week the D was banged up and missing some key pieces, but the offense and Alshon did their part.  Jay Cutler is a man of trust and he has it right now with Alshon.
Brian Hartline - Hartline’s production has been on a steady decline since his monster game week 1.  However, this week he faces a BAL d that consistently allows team’s #2 receivers to beat them.  Last week it was Robert Woods and the week before DeAndre Hopkins.  Hartline and the Dolphins should return to form this week after their embarrassing loss to the Saints. 
Justin Blackmon - I think Blackmon is a must start receiver this week.   Cecil Shorts has been the only bright spot on an awful football team, and this duo could give the Jags a much needed boost.  The Rams are letting opposing receivers to get in the endzone without any difficulty and Blackmon is a pay dirt specialist when he plays.  

Week #5 Tight End - Start EM's
Greg Olsen - Gred Olsen has moved himself to the front of the line for Cam Newton in the redzone.   This week he faces the Cardinals who are 2nd to last against TE’s.  Olsen and the Panthers are fresh off their early Bye week which came right after their mauling of the New York Giants.  Expect the Panthers to air it out because the Cardinals are pretty stiff on the run.
Jared Cook - Cook is very familiar with the Jags after playing with the Titans, and these Jags aren’t even close to what he used to see.  The Rams need to get their big man back to being involved and I can guarantee they will.  Cook poses all kinds of match up problems for most defenes and the Jags flat out don’t have the talent to do anything about it.
Brent Celek - If you go back to Chip Kelly’s offense in Oregon, the one thing many people have failed to realize is the TE is really what makes his offense go.   Celek has struggled thus far this season and so have the Eagles.  This week they are up against a Giants team that is forth worst against TE’s and I think Mike Vick and Chip Kelly will really try to get back to their identity.  Celek’s only possible problem this week is the emergence of Zach Ertz.  If Celek can stay healthy and productive he should have a solid  top 10 week.
Kellen Winslow - When Winslow is healthy he gets plenty of looks from his rookie QB.  Last week he proved he was and had 9 targets on the day.  This week he faces a Falcons D that just got toasted by the HOF’er  ToGo, and the Jets may be able to exploit them as well because of the under routes by Jeremy Kerley.

NFL Week # 5 2013 Fantasy Football SIT EM's' by: Justin Lonero

  We have reached the quarter mark in the NFL season.  Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson have been usual hall of fame selves,  Phillip Rivers has re emerged as a top fantasy quarterback, and I have the luxury of doing 'Sits' for a couple weeks.  My week four starts were stellar , but now its time for negativity and don't forget to follow me on twitter here: @lonero_justin

Week #5 Quarterback - Sit EM's

Colin Kaepernick - Ck7 is going to have an awesome NFL career. He currently ranks twenty ( upside down smile face)over all for fantasy football quarterbacks.  The loss of Michael Crabtree,  is starting to show just how mediocre that the Forty Niners are on offense.  Week five he will face the stingy Houston texans who last week shut down Russell Wilson all day. Being similar to Wilson mobility wise, Kaepernick might have to beat the Texans with his legs.  Im not crazy about this matchup at all.

Russell Wilson - Week five the Seahawks travel to Indianapolis to face the leagues seventh ranked passing defense.  The average quarterback against them has a 65.8 rating.  This unit has only allowed two touchdowns in the air.  Wilson might be forced to use his legs again in week 5.

Carson Palmer - Week five Palmer will face the Carolina Panthers at home.  Surprisingly the Panthers have allowed the second fewest yards in the air, and just two touchdowns from opposing quarterbacks.  He has the weapons around him to have a potent offense, but he has to do better with  his two touchdowns in three game shenanigans.  Palmer could be a risky bye week replacement.

Andrew Luck - Week five Andrew Luck doesn't have the luxury of facing the Jaguars again.  He will be tested by the Seattle Seahawks at home.  The Seahawks are only allowing 191.2 yards a game, and  just three touchdowns.   This game will measure how good of a quarterback he is currently.  He is a guy that is not going to leave your starting lineup, but better match ups this week can be found.

Week #5 Running Back - Sit EM's

Cj Spiller/ Fred Jackson - These two guys are causing more aggravation for owners.  Injuries have plagued them it seems recently.  Week five that backfield will have to face a tight Cleveland Brown front seven.  The Browns are allowing just seventy nine yards a game, ranking them fourth in that department.  Spiller is useless if he cant get into space.  Its time you start thinking about moving him off your roster, or buying him cheap.

Bilal Powell - This guy is going to get the bulk of the carries.  His biggest problem is, he is a New York Jet.  Flat, generic, vanilla, call this offense what you want but its gross.  Chances are the Jets will be down early week five against the Falcons and will probably have to abandon the running game early.  The Falcons rank eighth in plugging the run.  Holding opposing running backs to just over ninety yards per game.

Stevan Ridley - Those who thought Ridley was going to have a repeat of his excellent 2012 campaign have been humbled by what he has done in the first four weeks of the NFL season.  He, like some many other teams has found himself in a platoon for a back field.  Brandon Bolden, Legarrette Blount, and Ridley are all splitting carries.  Week five he will face a top ten run defense in the Cincinnati Bengals who allow less then one hundred yards a game on the ground.  His situation is a real mess for fantasy owners, and he is no more then a flex play week five.

Deangelo Williams - D-Will has had a great start to the season.  Being third in the league  in rushing heading into week 4.  Mike Tolbert steals his goal line, carries, but he isn't sharing the ball with the injured Jonathan Stewart.  Week five coming off the bye he will face the Arizona Cardinals, who are second in the league in run defense.  Its a good time to sell him high, because anyone who has had him in the past knows, he can let your fantasy team down at any moment.

Week #5 Wire Receiver  - Sit EM's

Stevie Johnson - Stevie Johnson meet Joe Haden.  Stevie has performed like he always has.  Very, very, wr3-flex.  His hamstring is nagging, and issue that has seemed to linger for the last couple years.  Traditionally wide recievers have been quiet on thursday nights.  This should be another example of that.  Chances are he will be blanketed by arguably the games best shut down corner.  The Browns come into week five, ninth in passing defense.  Good luck owners he could put on a four catches, for forty yards performance.

Anquan Boldin - I suppose as owners we tend to over think roster decisions quiet often.  As a result we end up getting burned.  I know all about Boldins success this year.  Week 5 he faces the Texans,  who are the stingiest air attack defense in the game giving  up just 141 yards/game.  The numbers don't lie here so don't expect Boldin to have a field day.

Nate Washington - If you asked me two years ago I would have told you that Kenny Britt would be the future at wideout for the Tennessee Titans.  It looks like they are just content, getting modest production from their veterans.  In the last couple weeks Nate Washington has become the go to.  This story we have all seen where a guy comes on like gang busters, ( Eddie Royal) then goes back to his old bad habits, every owner is accustom to. Unfortunately week five against the young, talented, aggressive, Kansas City Chiefs defense is where he will be challenged.  It looks like Jake Locker will be out a while so, Ryan Fitzpatrick will take on the starting duties.  Good luck, the chiefs are among the best at defending the pass.

T.Y. Hilton - Hampered by a toe injury, Hilton was still one of Andrew Luck's favorite targets sunday.  This kid has all the talent in the World, I am just not loving him week five against the Seahawks.  Reggie Wayne will draw coverage from Richard Sherman, so it may open things up.  If you have other options, strongly consider them.

Week #5 Tight End  - Sit EM's

Martellus Bennett - The self proclaimed " Black Unicorn" is making an immediate impact in Chicago.  He can help bail out the sometimes erratic Jay Cutler.  Week five he faces a Saints defense that has only given up 125 yards, and a couple touchdowns to tight ends.   He is a matchup nightmare in the redzone.  This week is going to be tough for bennett.

Jermichael Finley - Finley has all of the tools that the modern day tight end has.  He is big, fast, and a nightmare matchup for linebackers.  When he is healthy he is among the upper echelon.  The problem is he is a small fish in a big pond of targets for Aaron Rodgers.  The not so good news week 5 is that Finley faces a Detroit Lions defense that has not given up a touchdown to opposing tight ends.  He is having concussion issues, and coming off the bye week.  Let him get healthy before he gets started with confidence again.

Owen Daniels - This guy is as reliable as a tight end gets.  Consistent dicey Matt Schaub quarterback play and he still finds a way to perform at a high level.  Week five he has a task at San Francisco.  The Niners have only given up one hundred forty yards, two touchdowns, and fourteen receptions to opposing tight ends.

Vernon Davis - If I told you that the Houston Texans have only given up one hundred and twelve yards, one touchdown, and eight catches to opposing tight ends would you believe me? Well I kid you not, and this week Vernon Davis will have that to deal with.  His is an ultimate hit or miss guy, week in, week out.