Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups for Week #8

"Top 5 Beasts of the Week" by Michael Valverde

This week beasts consist more of a list of new arrivals due to injury situations from the starting core.  They are also made up of young faces, as many will try to continue the success they had this week.
Roy Helu- Has become a red zone threat as he demonstrated with his three touchdowns.  Two of those came on carries of three yards, while the other was a 14 yard scamper.  It is not that Alfred Morris can't do the goal line work, its Helu who can bring the added dimension of pass catching, and his solid short yardage running is eking Morris out of opportunities.  Helu should continue to see action, and may even start getting more carries during the game. Available in 56% of leagues.
Kris Durham- We all know about the Lions prolific scoring, and due to injuries to other Detroit wide outs Durham has gotten his shot at impressing, and that he has.  He is tall at 6'6 and can catch.  His height gives an added bonus to Matt Stafford while down in the red zone, also being former teammate of Stafford should help their chemistry.  He is available in 82% of leagues.
Jordan Reed- Finished with 9 receptions and 134 yards with a touchdown.  He is gaining favor with RG III, especially after catching every target in his direction.  He should be a big part of the Washington Redskins offense as he is their starting tight end, and with RG III improving every week, he looks like a great option for those who need a replacement for the tight end position.  Available in 61% of leagues.
Jarret Boykin- Another wide receiver making good on the misfortunate of others.  Boykin had a great day for the Packers as he had 8 receptions for 103 yards and a touchdown.  Look for him to continue to impress being a starter and teaming up with Aaron Rogers.  Available in 63% of leagues.
Case Keenum- Case came into the game more as a necessary hope than anything expected.  All the Texans expected was for him not to throw a pick six.  But, Keenum showed much more.  He played in bad conditions against a Chiefs defense in Arrowhead Stadium, and kept Houston competitive throughout the game.  Keenum finished with 271 yards and a touchdown.  Available in 99% of leagues.
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