Sunday, October 13, 2013

FanDuel Creating a Fantasy Football Millionaire

Fantasy Football Millionaire
Did you ever think you could win $1,000,000 playing fantasy football? We didn’t either, but the team over at is going to make someone a fantasy football millionaire in Las Vegas this December.

The FFFC (FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship) is the biggest fantasy sports event on Earth, featuring an enormous $3,000,000 in cash prizes! All that money is on top of a VIP weekend in Las Vegas, where the 50 finalists from FanDuel’s weekly Qualifiers will compete for the unprecedented top prize of $1,000,000! The newly minted fantasy sports millionaire will be taking their prize home on a private jet.

The trip to the finals will include a weekend stay at the Palazzo hotel, parties hosted by FanDuel, limo rides from the airport, and the live final event at Lagasse’s Stadium where the $1,000,000 FFFC 2013 Champion will be crowned. In short, the weekend of a lifetime!

35 of the 50 seats are still open for the taking, so now is a great time to take a shot at it! Will you become the first fantasy football millionaire?