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Week #3 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'

NFL Week # 3 2013 Fantasy Football ' Start EM's' by: Justin Lonero

 My week 2 starts were a measure of how consistently inconsistent fantasy football players are week to week .  Ryan Tannehill was my only quarterback  that looked sharp.  Running back, tight end, and wide receiver were all solid starts, minus Eddie Lacy (concussion)and Kellen Winslow.  Jay Cutler, Martellus Bennett, Steve Smith, and Julian Edelman whom all received honorable mention, were some of the my elite picks for the week.  Some players production declined dramatically, from a week earlier showing that fantasy football can be a glorified game of bingo. and dont forget to follow me on twitter here: @lonero_justin

Week #3 Quarterback - Start EM's

1.  Sam Bradford - He had his second highest totals in his NFL career on the road against the Atlanta Falcons week 2 with a 352/3td line.  Week 3 he goes on the road to face the Cowboys who week 1 allowed Eli Manning to carve them in defeat.  Don't expect record breaking numbers, but he will spread the ball around to a talented , and unique group of young receivers.

2. Russell Wilson - Week 2 Russell Wilson didn't have to be a hero and sling the ball.  He managed the game as Marshawn Lynch carried the ball all night.  Managing a game is one of the last things I want to hear about a Quarterback when it comes to fantasy football.  It has a ring to it like Trent Dilfers Super Bowl win with Baltimore.  Week 3 he has the lost, confused, and lack luster Jacksonville Jaguars at home.  I have sympathy for the Jags, I really do.

3.  Mathew Stafford - He is probably the best start of the week of my four quarterbacks.  Washington has been horrendous on defense through the first two weeks.  Stafford has thrown for six hundred and thirty five yards, and four touchdowns in two weeks.  His chemistry with Calvin Johnson continues to grow, but he also spreads the ball around to his running backs and secondary receivers.  He is a must start week three at Washington.

4.  Andy Dalton - Dalton threw the ball thirty two times by halftime monday night.  He needs to be watched closely moving forward.  He is a solid QB 2 week three at home, against Green Bay who have plenty of holes in their secondary.  They will have no answer for AJ Green.  Dalton is a good fill in here and there.  A perfect candidate if you had a quarterback by committee.

Week #3 Running Back - Start EM's

1.  Chris Johnson - Cj2k has been missing since his nick name was formed.  He has carried the ball 20+ times in back to back weeks, which is a good sign for owners.  Week 3 he gets a dream matchup against San Diego at home.  The Chargers are not good on defense, Shady Mccoy para wetted all afternoon week 2 against them.  I expect Chris Johnson to be CJ2k. 

NOTE - This article was published before the Trent Richardson trade. 
2.  Trent Richardson - Being a Cleveland Brown is a dark, dreary, nightmare.  Ask T-Rich.  He has not lived up to expectations at all.  Defenses are challenging forty three year old Brandon Weeden to beat them, and that in itself is comedy.  However aside from the spectacle that is the Browns,  week 3 they will face a Minnesota Viking defense that has let Reggie Bush, and Matt Forte abuse them.  He must take on the " everyone else is doing it" adolescent mentality. This isn't about the Browns though. This is about Trent Richardson performing at a high level, for a fantasy football team week three.

 3. Knowshon Moreno - I watched Moreno play at Georgia and he was a stud.  He is big, he is fast, and he now plays on the best offense in the NFL. All variables that create a perfect utopia for fantasy owners.  Ball was suppose to be the guy right? Not yet.  Ball does not have Peyton Manning's trust, and that is paramount in being involved.  Moreno is now a veteran,and the top running back in a crowded back field.  Get while the getting is good.  This trend could pass soon, but for now, ride the wave and start him against the Oakland raiders week 3 at home.

 4. Alfred Morris - The Redskins played catch up all day sunday against the Packers.  An ideal situation for Pierre Garcon owners, and a horrible thing for Alfred Morris Owners.  Despite being down thirty one points midway he still had one hundred yards prior to the abandonment of the running game.  Week 3 at home will be the time where Alf wakes up against Detroit.  The Lions are a middle of the pack run defense.  Need not to worry, he will show owners why he was a late first rd fantasy pick.

Week #3 Wide Receiver - Start EM's

1. Julian Edelman - This guy received honorable mention from me last week and did not disappoint.  Tom Brady has lost his whole receiving core and is now forced to count on rookies that are just not catching the football.  So Julian Edelman had the ball given to him 13 time,  in a game where he earned his pay check.  Until we know what Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola are up to I'm riding Edelman every week.  Week three the Buccaneers come to New England.  If Revis covers Edelman then this whole segment is about as credible as Aaron Hernandez.  But if he doesn't, then we are going to see another week of Edelman doing his best impression of Wes Welker.

2. Mike Wallace - Let me start off by saying Mike Wallace and Desean Jackson are two of the fastest guys in the NFL.  "One trick ponies" some have said.  Truth be told I don't think either have been used properly in recent years.  Wallace cried all week about the inability to get the ball week one.  So week two instead of Brian Hartline, Wallace got his wish and had a 9/115/1 touchdown line.  Ryan Tannehill has been solid and if he and Wallace stay on the same page, the Dolphins could be a real fun offense. I love this matchup at home against the Atlanta Falcons.

3. Eddie Royal - This is as awkward to write I bet as it is to see in writing, but Eddie Royal leads the NFL in touchdowns with five.  Here is a guy that had ninety catches his rookie year with the Broncos.  Shortly there after he must have disappeared  into the mountains of Denver. Evidently he needed a change of scenery to make sure people knew he still existed. Chances are this will be the only week I will ever tell someone to start a veteran with an injury history like his. A guy like this can splash the pan and help your team win a game or two early in the year.  The good news is Phillip Rivers doesn't have a batch of guys he can depend on.  Eddie is tied with Antonio Gates for targets.  The Chargers will be behind in a ton of games this season.  Start him week three on the road at Tennessee. FYI also check out our Week #3 Waiver Wire Pick Ups and you may find this STUD.  

4. Steve Smith - At thirty four years old he can still jump and go get the football with the best of them.  He had a touchdown week one against Seattle, and had five catch day week two at Buffalo.  Week three at home against a New york Giants team who have been atrocious on defense.  He was targeted eleven times in a losing effort week 2.   I cannot see Greg Olsen and Ted Ginn having more yards then him this week.  He is going   To have a banner day against the G-Men.

Week #3 Tight End - Start EM's

1. Martellus Bennett - The self proclaimed " Black Unicorn" has ten catches, and three touchdowns in the first two games of the season.  He is one enormous target for Jay Cutler to find in the middle of the field.  Last year Cutler was glued to Brandon Marshall, now he has an athletic tight end to help in the passing game. He did sustain a shoulder injury so monitor his status closely.  I love the matchup against the Steelers week three.

2. Jared Cook - I love this guy.  I loved him week one, and I love him week three.  The Falcons took Cook out of the game early week two, but he was still targeted six times.  Sam Bradford still had a stellar performance on the road.  He is the top offensive weapon in St.louis with Tavon Austin a close second.  I like the pair of Bradford and Cook to connect sunday frequently.

3. Kyle Rudolph - I drafted him last year and stuck with him all year.  He is used in the red zone and for short plays that Christian Ponder can maneuver.  He wont have a Jimmy Graham day ever, but he will turn in solid weeks more often then not if he gets in the end zone.  Put the emphasis on " if".  Because if he doesn't it could be a mediocre day.  Christian Ponder has difficulty getting his weapons involved because of his awful arm strength.  The Vikings face Cleveland at home week three sunday.

4. Tyler Eifert/ Jermaine Gresham - Between the two of these guys they were targeted fourteen times week two.  Week three the Bengals get the Packers at home.  Through two weeks the Green Bay Packers have given up the second most points scored by opposing tight ends. FYI also see Week #3 Pick Ups for Tyler Eifert.

Honorable mention- Cam Newton, TY Hilton, Deandre Hopkins, Coby Fleener, Michael Floyd

NFL Week # 3 2013 Fantasy Football Sit EM's' by: Eric Allen (@MrEaSports247)

Week #3 Quarterback- Sit EM's

1. Andrew Luck –  Indianapolis will be heading into tough territory this Sunday.  With the loss of Vic Ballard and an already suspect run game, Indy faces a 49er defense that seeks revenge of Sunday night’s embarrassing loss to the Seahawks.  Don’t expect Luck to be the hero this week.  The Colts offensive line has been allowing a lot of pressure on their young QB and things will only get worst this week.  Your only hope for a good week out of Luck this week will be garbage points.

2. Matt Ryan  -
 With all the injuries in ATL , it just doesn’t seem like Matt Ryan will be able to put up his typical numbers.  Roddy White has been battling an ankle, and now SJAX could miss several weeks with his thigh injury.  Atlanta still has plenty of ability to run the ball with Snelling and Rodgers, and I can see Sunday as a “safe” day for Ryan (mostly to keep him upright).  Meaning under 300 yds and 1 TD, 1 INT kind of day.  In the league nowadays those are Andy Dalton numbers and not the type of production you hope for

3. Terrell Pryor –
A lot of people are high on Pryor because of his running abilities.  However when you struggle against the Jaguars things suddenly start to look the way they should.  Pryor is bringing hope to an otherwise waste of a year in Oakland, after this season the Raiders are freeing up a lot of cap space and should hopefully improve.  The Raiders have the Broncos this week and Peyton Manning will probably light the scoreboard up.  This gives Pryor the opportunity to do big things, but also more attempts usually means more mistakes for young, inexperienced QB’s.

4. Josh Freeman – The clock is ticking on Freeman this season.  Greg Schiano has never really backed Freeman because he isn’t  “his guy.”  Freeman has so many weapons on offense but the Patriots have had a strong D this year and I expect another ugly game in Foxboro.  Plan on seeing a lot of Doug Martin.  Hopefully, he will catch a screen and bust one.  Otherwise, consider dropping Freeman and picking up one of many QB’s that can get you production.


Week #3 Running Back - Sit EM's

1. Ryan Mathews – If Mathews isn’t fumbling the ball it’s because the Phillip Rivers is throwing the ball around the field.  This week the Chargers face a Titans’ defense that has only allowed 1 rushing TD to RB’s and Mathews simply isn’t getting the quantity of carries you would like out of an RB 2.  Look elsewhere at RB this week as Mathews continues to disappoint.

2. Chris Ivory – Let’s face it, the hype leading into a season is usually generated by the front office of a team and then passed on to the media.  Coming into this season, Ivory has been way over hyped and the Jets don’t seem to use him in the passing game nor in goal line situations.  Through 2 games Ivory has only 22 carries with 3.4 ypc and isn’t showing hope that he will surpass Powell as the featured back.

3. Pierre Thomas/Mark Ingram – Not only do the Saints have the inconsisten 3 headed monster, they face a Cardinals D that has been shutting down opposing RB’s and only allowing a 2.6 ypc.  Chances are one of these RB’s would only be used for a Flex option, but neither are in on passing downs, so I would pass on both unless an injury to either takes place in the future.  With the way the league is trending,  Sproles is the only RB worth starting  especially in PPR formats.

4. Montee Ball – The last thing Montee Ball could afford last Sunday was a fumble.  Especially a fumble inside the 5 yard line.  Another man full of hype that hasn’t lived up expectations is slowly being pushed to the side until he can prove his worth.  There are only 16 games in the NFL season and the time to perform is now.  Knowshon Moreno has the trust of the coaching staff as well as Peyton Manning.  Montee’s only chance for points this weak is in relief efforts, but the Raiders are only allowing 80 yds a game. 

Week #3 Wide Receiver - Sit EM's

1. Antonio Brown – Unless you are in a PPR format, I highly suggest that you start looking elsewhere for WR’s.   Antonio Brown has play making ability, but he seems to be struggling in Todd Haley’s offense. So much so that he confronted Haley after the loss to the Bengals.  The Steelers lack any kind of threat  on offense and that allows teams to take Brown out of the equation.

2. Lance Moore –
It seems Lance Moore’s greatest games have come when Jimmy Graham is out due to an injury.  Brees loves his TE and when Colston and Graham are both covered he dumps it off to Darren Sproles.  Arizona’s pass defense has been suspect thus far, but I’d sit Lance until someone I mentioned goes down.

3. Alshon Jeffery – Jay Cutler has been locked into Brandon Marshall as usual this season and don’t expect things to change much at all.  When Marshall faces double coverage it seems Marteullus Bennett is taking away all of Jeffery’s balls.   Time to bench the big man and wait for his big play abilities to surface.

4. Roddy White – Roddy is still dealing with his high ankle sprain and isn’t even getting many snaps.  These injuries can often take several weeks to recover from and I am not sure he is doing any good by playing on it.  In his “absence” Julio Jones is showing that he can shoulder the load.   I would probably look into sitting Roddy until after his bye week 6.  However, stay tuned for injury updates and statuses because when healthy Roddy White is a top 10 receiver, especially in a PPR.

Week #3 Tight End - Sit EM's

1. Fred Davis – Davis was held to 2 targets this past week’s loss to the Packers.   There has been some grumbling about blown assignments and the coaching staff is quickly favoring  rookie TE Jordan Reed.  I would definitely urge not only sitting Fred Davis, but dropping him and picking up Reed.  Reed saw 29 snaps to Davis’ 16 and  that is not a good sign.

2. Dallas Clark – After his week one performance, Dallas Clark gas fallen off significantly.  Let’s also face the fact that his week 1 performance came with a lot of garbage time points because the Ravens were trying to play catch up.   Unfortunately Clark literally looks his age when he is on the field. He no longer has the speed or quickness that made for a tough cover.  Nowadays linebackers are hybrids that can easily cover Clark which in turn allows the safety to help out elsewhere.

3. Owen Daniels – Depending on the health of Andre Johson this week, Owen Daniels faces a tough matchup this week in Baltimore.   Daniels has been successful finding the endzone, but can he make it to the endzone 3 weeks in a row? It’s highly unlikely, especially with the emergence of rookie Wideout Deandre Hopkins stealing red zone targets.  If Daniels doesn’t find the end zone his numbers are mediocre at best this week.

4. Tyler Eifert – This young TE has all the tools to become a solid fantasy TE.  The Bengals seem to like running 2 TE sets with Gresham on the other side.   Eifert just seems to be blocking more often than getting looks from Dalton.  Jermaine Gresham seems motivated by having another talented TE alongside him and the future is promising for the young Bengal team.  I just don’t think Eifert is your guy “yet”.

A Short Recap From Last Week. 

Week 2   Report Card
QB’s:  Phillip Rivers and Matt Shaub have finally proved me wrong.  They showed that they can sustain their productive play in consecutive weeks.  However I was accurate with Flacco and Roethlisberger finishing outside the top 15 QB’s
Grade: 50 % = C-

RB’s:  Besides CJ Spiller who finally had his day, Lamar Miller was lucky to find the end zone and spoiled my prediction on him.  However in PPR leagues he finished 17th in points for the week.  Those numbers still did not jump out for a guy who might have been drafted to be your RB 1.  Daryl Richardson who many websites had as a must start was far from it.  David Wilson was also on my list and he just completely laid and egg with 1 point.
Grade:  C+
WR’s:  Other than Colston being completely blanketed this week, I failed you in the WR category.  Chris Givens took part in Sam Bradford’s brilliant pass attack, DBowe did little but was able to find pay dirt, and even Eric Decker finally got noticed by Manning and had a solid day for PPR leagues.
Grade:  C-
TE’s:  Ladies and Gentlemen…  give Antonio Gates a round of applause.  He finally provided you with what you needed.  SD is now moving the ball around and with Malcolm Floyd going down Gates really benefited this week.   Kyle Rudolph also found pay dirt this week but pulled in a weak  3 receptions for 42 yards.  ToGO was also a major disappointment and as I predicted still hasn’t been able to get involved.  Things might change though now that SJAX is out.  As for Celek, I am not in the business of predicting injuries, but Ertz looked great once Celek went down and could provide that key TE position to Chip Kelly’s offense.
Grade:  C
As a whole in Week 2 a lot of guys stepped up and made things happen.  I will continue to provide predictions based on statistics and my knowledge of the game.  As more injuries and Bye weeks come forward my predictions will be more accurate. The season is still fresh and teams are finding out their true  values.  I will strive to make your team BETTER!