Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week #2 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'

NFL Week # 2 2013 Fantasy Football ' Start EM's' by: Justin Lonero

Gauging how week 1 in the NFL goes is like trying to figure the weather out in New England.  It can be hot one minute, and five minutes later it can be cold. Jamaal Charles,  Demarco Murray, and Darren Mcfadden were all relatively warm and Stevan Ridley was that gust of rain. Grade: B-
 Andrew Luck was the brightest of my four quarterbacks.  He started his sophomore year indoors where he shined.  Brady, Romo, and Matt Ryan were solid Fantasy starts but, elite by no means.  Grade: B
 Danny Amendola and Desean Jackson were my studs. Dwayne Bowe should have stayed home and watched the Roddy (decoy) White/ Julio Jones combination play mediocre in New Orleans. Grade: B
Side note: Reggie Wayne and Danarius Moore had good games.
 My Tight ends were really my bright spot.  Jordan Cameron and Jared Cook had coming out parties.  Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen were solid.  Greg Olsen was my worry spot but, did not disappoint considering the tall task he faced against that stout Seattle defense. Grade: A
 The anticipation of the storm has passed, and the uncertainty of week 1 has subsided.  Players are finding homes on Fantasy teams and coaches are using their doppler radars to find the next best free agent on the waiver wire.
Week #2 Quarterback - Start EM's
1 - Ryan Tannehill - They are going to throw in Miami and he looked decent against an underrated Brown front seven on the road.  I like Tannehill to throw a ton at Indy against a team that made Terrell Pryor look like Randall Cunningham a week prior.
2 - Carson Palmer - Carson had 327 yards and two touchdowns last week on the road.  It appears he will have a good relationship with Larry Fitzgerald this season.  I envision a shootout in Arizona against the Lions
3 - Terrell Pryor - He is a Raider,and Raiders are just bad. This Oakland Raider leads the league in rushing after week 1.  He takes on the Jaguars at home to display what the fans have been waiting on since Rich Gannon.  Don't be surprised if the kid runs for 100 yards this week..  I am optimistic he is not Jamarcus Russell.
4 - Eli Manning - four hundred fifty yards, four touchdowns, and three interceptions sounds like arena football.  All that came in defeat on the road against Dallas.  Joe Flacco threw 60+ times against Denver last week.  I don't expect Eli to throw for four hundred yards, but he will clean up the turnovers and have a crisper week at home against Peyton.

Week #2 Running Back - Start EM's
1- Deangelo Williams - D-Will ran for almost 80 yards on a defense that does not bend.  Fumbling late may have cost the Panthers the game but they showed they were committed to the run and he will be featured weekly.  Week 2 he will face Buffalo and his challenge is not as arduous.   Carolinas lack of wide receiver depth  forces them to spoon feed D-Will.
2- Matt Forte - Reggie Bush piled piled up almost two hundred yards against the Vikings in week 1.  Matt Forte had almost 100 total yards, and a touchdown against a stingy Bengal front seven.  The Vikings will struggle to stop Jay Cutler and the passing game opening things up for a hopefully opportunistic, shifty, Forte.
3- Eddie Lacy - Eddie Lacy ran for 41 yards and a touchdown against the forty Niners.  Shady Mccoy gashed through the Redskins for 31 carries, 184 yards, and a touch down.  I would take half that production and be content.  The Packers finally have balance.
4- Darren Sproles - He wont rush for  100 yards but, but 5-6 catches is likely.  He is an animal in PPR leagues  and almost a guarantee weekly for double digit fantasy points.  In his last two meetings against the Buccaneers he has scored twice.

Week #2 Wide Receiver - Start EM's
1- Vincent Jackson - He went off week 1 against the Jets  with a 7/154 line against the Jets.  He only dropped three passes last year after 141 targets.  Week 2 he will have a field day at home against the Saints.  Josh Freeman holds the key to V-Jax's  production.
2- Antonio Brown - The last two meetings against the Bengals, Brown has had 12 catches, 193 yards and a touchdown.  He is Big Ben's number one wide receiver with Mike Wallace leaving for Miami.
3- Cecil Shorts - There have been comparisons drawn about Cecil being similar to Steve Smith.  One thing that they have shared for years is horrible quarterback play.  The Jaguars travel to Oakland with Chad Henne starting at Quarterback.  Cecil should have double digit targets and a touchdown.
4- Jordy Nelson - Aaron Rodgers spread the ball around in San Francisco week 1 and Jordy Nelson was the main recipient of it.  The Red Skins looked disastrous.  Week 2 the host the Redskins at home.He is one of the best under rated wide receivers in the league. Two touchdowns for Jordy this week.

Week #2 Tight End - Start EM's
1- Julius Thomas - He is big, and fast, and looks like Antonio Gates circa 2009.  Peyton Manning loves his tight ends and it showed week one.  5/110/2 were his  numbers against the Ravens.  Julius faces the Giants week 2, Jason Witten had a field day against them.
2 - Kellen Winslow - Kellen Winslow was a New England Patriot for something like two days last year.  Sounds crazy but he had eight targets last week with a 7/79 line.  Watch him closely Thursday night against the Patriots, after all someone has to get the Football from Geno Smith.
3 - Brandon Myers - Eli Manning has a good history with making Tight ends look better then they are.  Myers is a legit talent, finishing in the top six in targets amongst tight ends last year.  Week 1 he had seven catches, sixty six yards, and a touchdown.  I expect similar numbers this week at home against Denver.
4 - Owen Daniels - Monday Night Owen had five catches, sixty seven yards, and two touchdowns against the Chargers.  Week 2 he faces the Titans at home whom he knows well, and fairs well against.  He is my Greg Olsen pick of the week, but I expect pedestrian numbers at the very least.
Honorable Mention week 2: Martellus Bennett, Julian Edelman, Steve Smith, and Jay Cutler.

NFL Week # 2 2013 Fantasy Football ' Sit EM's' by: Eric Allen

Week 1 Grades:
QB’s – There were 22 QB’s this past week with at least 19 points in standard scoring leagues.  The QB’s I gave you were all at the bottom of that spectrum.  I gave you Palmer (16th), Alex Smith (18th), Cutler (20th), Newton (26th).  Unless you are playing in a 16 team league with QB hoarding opponents, none of these guys should have been in your starting lineup.  GRADE:   B+
RB’s – If you didn’t take my advice on RB’s last week, I’m sorry.  Bernard barely saw any action at all, CJ didn’t break into double digits, Foster did not live up to his top 5 ADP and Lacy saved his weak day by getting in the End Zone.  Grade: B
WR’s-  Here are the stats for all 4 of my WR’s COMBINED.  (Britt, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Stevie Johnson)    12 Catches for 126 yards and 1 TD.   GRADE :  B
TE’s:  Just as I listed my stats for WR’s, I will do the same with my TE’s.  The only thing saving them as well is Finley’s TD.  (Finley, Gresham, Pettigrew, Gates) 146 yds, 1 TD.  GRADE: B-
Overall:  If it wasn’t for Lacy, Stevie Johnson, and Finley getting in the End Zone I would have definitely been a solid A this week.  However I remain humble and motivated to provide my best advice and I will give my week 1 picks a solid B.  

Week #2 Quarterback - Sit EM's

1 - Joe FlaccoFlacco came off his Super Bowl/pay day high in week 1.  He was forced to sling it around the field in an attempt to keep up with Peyton.  Don’t expect another 62 pass attempts, as I predict the Ravens to go heavy on Ray Rice. This is a must win in this week 2 divisional battle.  Flacco, already without Dennis Pitta lost Jacoby Jones to a boneheaded play on a punt return.  Joe Haden will most likely shadow Torrey Smith leaving few options.

2 - Phillip RiversIf you haven’t noticed a trend Rivers tends to tease the SD charger fans with his openers.  He came out of the gates real hot leading the Chargers to an impressive lead over the tough Texan D.  However, he returned to his 2012 form later in the evening by throwing a pick 6.  Don’t be fooled by the 4 TD’s.  Rivers didn’t even break the 200 yard mark, nor did he complete 50% of his passes. The Eagles are flying high off their impressive win and I wouldn’t be shocked to see 2-3 picks out of Rivers with all the pressure he is in for.

3 - Big Ben As if the offensive line woes in Pittsburgh weren’t bad enough, they lost Maurkice Pouncey in the first quarter on Sunday.  Big Ben never seemed to find his groove, nor could he find time.  With constant pressure Roethlisberger was forced to get rid of the ball quickly, hoping his WR’s could make plays.  This week he will be challenged by the Bengals who are looking to make their mark in the division.  The entire AFC North is win less after week 1 and the Bengals are seeking their chance to take be the team.
4 - Matt Schaub After witnessing Schaub’s impressive performance against the Chargers on Monday night,  I have a feeling deep down in my gut that tells me never get high on Schaub.  Right when you think this might be his year to lead the Texans to the promise land, he immediately crashes back to Earth.  Consistency is key in the NFL and Schaub struggles to have consecutive good games.  In 2011 and 2012 Schaub was only able to have 3 games with a QB rating over 90 coming off a game just as high.  Tenessee  has brought in Gregg Williams to improve their D and has already showed an immediate impact.

Week #2 Running Back - Sit EM's
1 - Daryl Richardson Unfortunately for Richardson his time to be the guy in week 1 didn’t blow anyone away.  He had 99 yds by ground and air.  This week STL’s backfield just got a little more crowded. Isiah Pead  will be joining the team after a 1 week suspension.  It isn’t clear what his role will be, but expect him to take a few carries away.  Not only that, the Falcons are a team that puts up points and teams that don’t have a great run game are forced to air it out to keep up.  I’d be looking elsewhere this week, hopefully you kept up on your Beast House new in the off-season and stacked up on RB’s.

2 - Lamar Miller Oh Lamar Miller believers, how I feel bad for you.  You want to believe in what you hear, but it never seems to pan out.  Not only couldn’t Miller hit the few holes that opened up for him, the Dolphins chose to go with Daniel Thomas 8 times and once at the goal line.  With Tannehill  set to torch Indy, plan on Miller disappointing again.

3 - CJ Spiller Coming in to this season, all you heard was how Fred Jackson was going to be relief effort for the highly explosive Spiller.  Jackson however still showed signs of old and out-performed Spiller at the home opener against NE.   This week Spiller will be running into a Carolina front seven that was able to slow down the almight Marshawn Lynch and co.  With Ej Manuel under center, teams will challenge the rookie QB to beat them by putting 8 in the box making things difficult for the run game.  The future is bright for Spiller in 2013, just not this week.  

4 - David Wilson As Wilson’s fumble woes continued on Sunday night, the run game for the Giants became a huge concern.  With Andre Brown already out with a broken leg, the Giants sought out the former bruising back Brandon Jacobs.  This might only be a scare tactic for Wilson, but we all know Tom Coughlin’s intolerance for fumbilitis.  (seek Tiki Barber 2002 & 2003) Problem for Wilson is he is facing a potent Denver team with the ability to score at will. As I mentioned before, teams that can’t keep and offense off the field by running the ball are forced to throw and play keep up.

Week #2 Wide Receivers - Sit EM's

1 - Marques Colston Colston and Brees have become a well known combo and historically have had their way against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.   Only problem in 2013 is there is new real estate in TB.  Revis Island has established his own zip code and proven that he is able to play and get back to his old self.  Unless Colston gets free in the endzone, don’t expect much for yardage this week.  This game shapes up for  a Jimmy Graham special.  If Kellen Winslow can find the wholes I see Graham doing whatever he wants against the Bucs.  This leaves Colston in the dark week 2

2 - Chris GivensGenerally I try to stay away from putting players from the same team on this list, but this had to be.  Chris Givens is quickly fading from Bradfords sights.  Thought to be a huge factor in the Rams offense this year, he is quickly being overshadowed.  Bradford has fallen in love with his newly acquired TE (Jared Cook) and rookie playmaker WR (Tavon Austin).  Givens had 3 Targets on 38 pass attempts.  Coming off a divisional win, I don’t see much changing in the gameplan for STL.

3 - Eric Decker With all the weapons in Denver, we all new someone had to suffer.   Peyton Manning has all the problems a QB dreams about.  Too many options.  He has Demaryius Thomas for his deep threat,  Wes Welker on the in routes, and Julius Thomas as his security blanket.  With Decker dropping TD’s, Peyton will most likely look elsewhere in the big apple.  

4 - Dwayne Bowe Bowe was actually targeted six times this past week.  His original dreams of leading the NFL in catches and TD’s were shattered by the KC coaching staff when they filled him in about Reid’s offense.  He is definitely a wild card this week, but I can’t see Alex Smith throwing for any significant yards. This unfortunately makes D Bowe a poor option going forward.

Week #2 Tight End - Sit EM's
1- Tony Gonzalez Missing preseason action didn’t make Ryan lose a connection with his 1st ballot HOF tight end, but adding S Jax to the lineup definitely seems to be a factor.  When Ryan isn’t able to see an opening with Julio or Roddy, he always has Gonzalez posting up in the middle of the field.  Yet he seemed more than happy dumping the ball off to his sure handed RB instead.  As Jackson’s targets increase, TOGO’s decrease.  Stay tuned.

2- Kyle Rudolph One of my favorite up and coming TE’s in football has a major problem…. His QB.  Rudolph has all the tools it takes to be a star TE.  He is showing the ability to run block and also break out for a big play with his great hands.  The Viking’s bell cow is Adrian Peterson and don’t expect Ponder to make enough plays to make Rudolph a reliable option this week.  If you don’t have many other options, pray for a play action score in the Red-zone because Rudolph wont be producing many yards.

3- Brent Celek Though Celek reached paydirt on Monday night, Vick more often than not sought the big plays in Chip Kelly’s offense.  The only upside with Celek this week is the performance Owen Daniels had against the Chargers.  Celek might be worth the waiver wire acquisition, but I am definitely looking in many other areas this week.

4- Antonio Gates I hate to list back to back players, but Antonio Gates came into this season as a top 5 TE.  As I said last week, he is lumbering and looking to be less and less of a factor.  With only 4 targets in a depleted Charger offense, it appears Rivers has moved on from his old favorite.  

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