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Week #1 The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em' by @lonero_justin

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the "The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'" by Justin Lonero @lonero_justin - Today me and my guy Eric Allen @mreasports247 tackle some very important weekly sit ems and start ems for Fantasy Football Week #1 to help you become the BEASTHOUSE of your league.

NFL Week # 1 2013 Fantasy Football ' Start EM's'

Week #1 Quarterback - Start EM's

1. Tony RomoCowboys:  Tony Romo has thrown for 1,354 yards and 10 touchdown's the last four games against the Giants. That is 338 yards/ game.

2. Tom Brady - Patriots: Mr. Brady is in the DNES category of fantasy football: DO NOT EVER SIT.  But he's particularly special against the Mighty Buffalo Bills. Did you know he has a 20-2 career record against the not so mighty Bills Buffalo. OUCH. He also has an amazing 52 touchdowns compared to only 17 Interceptions.

3. Matt Ryan - Falcons: against the New Orleans Saint on a fast track week 1.  The Saints added 0 impact defensive players.  He will feast on a defense that allowed more yards per game (440.1) then any team in NFL history.

4.  Andrew Luck - Colts: vs. the Oakland Raiders at home. I could stop there but for fun The Raiders are undisciplined, porous on every level, and on the road, against the Future of the NFL.  Every Raider will need a hug when Mr. Luck is done with them this Sunday.

Week #1 Running back - Start EM's

1. Jamaal Charles - Chiefs: may run to Cuba by the time he is done catching screens, and running wild against a Jacksonville Jaguar team that didn't have one defensive touchdown last year.

2. Demarco Murray - Cowboys: is going to show people if he can stay healthy for a full season he can be a top back. This voyage in his third year can start at home against a bottom tier New York Giant Defense.

3. Darren Mcfadden - Raiders: is brittle, but he is another" what if "type of guy.  The 26 year old will have a chance to do it all on the road against a horrible Indianapolis Colts defense.

4. Stevan Ridley - Patriots: will get the ball early and often against Buffalo.  He may get the ball even more later, then sooner if this becomes a blow out as is expected. He will not have receptions (16 total last year.) but you can count on 80-90 yards and a touchdown.

Week #1 Wide Receiver - Start EM's

1. Danny Amendola - Patriots: is filling in for Wes Welker in a matchup that will feature a game of pitch and catch with #12 (see above). Patriots fans will be asking who is Wes Welker???

2. Dwayne Bowe - Chiefs: said "I'm going to lead the league in touchdowns, and receptions". Jacksonville is a good stage to showcase that hypothesis. Alex Smiths' arm worries me, but they will get D-Bowe the rock plenty this week.

3. DeSean Jackson - Eagles: will benefit from the Eagles losing Jeremy Maclin. This Chip Kelly offense will have D-jax running around monday night under the lights against a Washington Redskin defense that finished 28th in yards allowed.

4. Roddy White/ Julio Jones - Falcons: combination platter for two. Yeah they are must plays every week, yeah Roddy Whites ankle is healing. But this game has the script of a big time shoot out and these guys will be the recipients of it.

Week #1 Tight End - Start EM's

1. Jimmy Graham - Saints: is the best tight end in football arguably next to a "healthy" Rob Gronkowski. This Falcons defense made Seattle tight end Zach Miller look like Shannon Sharp in the playoffs last year.  The Falcons will make Jimmy G look like the best tight end to ever play the game.

2. Jordan Cameron - Browns: is a guy I have been talking about for months.  Former hoops player and we know how Norv Turner likes the Tight end.  Remember Antonio Gates? I do too.. This kid is a stud, and his coming out party will be at home week 1 against Miami.

3. Jared Cook - Rams: was the best player Peter King saw all preseason according to his "Monday Morning Quarterback Column".  That is serious stuff. Jared Cook is a physical specimen with wide receiver speed. It helped that he worked with Sam Bradford all summer.  Week 1 at home, against the Arizona Cardinals is on the slate first.

4. Greg Olsen - Panthers: is facing the Seattle Seahawks week 1 at home.  I know how stingy that defense is.  So eliminate the wide receivers, and running backs.  Cam Newton is going to need a safety blanket and Greg Olsen is that blanket. A good athlete in the middle of the field to bail Cam out (see more on Cam below).

   My father use to say "No risk, No reward". That saying goes for fantasy Football as well.  Sometimes we have to roll the dice, and use our heads and not our hearts.  Olsen might be the riskiest pick of them all.

Honorable mention for week #1 includes. Reggie Wayne, Denarius Moore, Zach Sudfeld, Ben Roethlisberger, David Wilson and the Rams defense.

NFL Week # 1 2013 Fantasy Football 'Sit EM's'

Week #1 Quarterback - Sit EM's

1. Carson Palmer - Cardinals: In 2012 the Rams held QB’s to an 83.9 rating. While only allowing 16 TD’s and having 17 takeaways, Jeff Fisher has this team headed in the right direction. The Rams new high powered offense should have Palmer throwing a lot, but that offense line will not hold up long enough for him to make good decisions. Sorry Cardinal fans, but this Palmer is the same guy you saw in Oakland. No time = No bueno.

2. Cam Newton - Panthers:  The Seahawks Defense is the real deal Holyfield and they will be all over this Panther receiving core. Granted this game will not be played with the Hawks 12th man at home, but look for Cam Newton’s sophomore slump to carry into 2013. The only hope you might have for points out of Newton is carries near the goal line, but that means they have to get near it.

3. Jay Cutler  Da Bears: Success in the NFL starts in the trenches and for the Bears they are lacking on the offensive line. Expect the Bengals D-line lead by Geno Atkins to wreak havoc on Cutler. This season for Cutler is big because the Bears want to see some results, but he needs to start turning his head and throwing to guys that aren’t named Marshall. Expect to see the puss face from Cutler this weekend because he is in for a long one.

4. Alex Smith – Chiefs: Now this is my wild card selection for the week. I’m not necessarily saying Smith will have a poor game, I just think that Andy Reid will be using Smith to his strengths. Expect a lot of dinking and dunking, with quick decisions. Your only hope is that one of the 3 yard passes to Charles or McCluster breaks for a long one, but I see a lot of Jamal Charles on the ground this week and there is only so much football to go around. Smith will most likely have his 200 yds maybe 1 TD, no turnovers, but in today’s league those QB numbers are not going to get you the win. Mr. Conservative is like a sparkler on the 4th of July, he is safe but not what you signed up for. 

Week #1 Running back - Sit EM's

1. Chris Johnson - Titans : Everyone is waiting for him to return to form because he is a home run hitter and at any moment he can break one and turn his 45 yard day into a 100+ with a TD. However Pittsburgh Second ranked ranked stout run defense is very disciplined under Hall of Fame coordinator Dick Labeau. Expect CJ2k to have a typical off day for a home run hitter... nothing but K’s. 

2. Giovanni Bernard - Bengals: Who Dey? Well they be the Bears and welcome to the NFL young buck. I expect a solid rookie season from Bernard and he will be running behind one of the top offensive lines in football. Only problem is they are better on their heels than pushing forward and it will take some time to get things clicking. The Bengals have a lot of weapons through the air and Bernard may pay off with PPR value, but do not expect much from him on the ground this week. 

3. Eddie Lacy- Packers: Nobody is more intimidating than the 49ers MLB Patrick Willis. He will be directly in front of GB’s rookie running back, and Lacy’s contact seeking running style doesn’t seem like a good matchup this week. The Packers know who they are and you know who they are. Football seasons are broken into quarters. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best QB in football right now and games like this are a big measuring stick for the first quarter and GB wants to back on top of the NFC. In 2012 SF only allowed 3.7 ypc and that isn’t going to cut it this week. Lacy’s time will come if he can stay healthy just understand that nobody I mean nobody runs on this team. 

4. Arian Foster – Texans: This week’s RB wildcard. Who knows what to expect from Foster this early in the season. There are many reports on Ben Tate playing a significant role, but Foster should still see goal line carries. I just can’t see him get much of a work load against the Chargers who many expect to struggle again this season. I understand many of you probably drafted Foster with a first round pick but I hope you handcuffed Tate because Foster's health is this years math equation. 

Week #1 Wide Receiver - Sit EM's

1. Mike Wallace – Dolphins:  There has been a lot of talk on how Tannehill and Wallace still can’t get on the same page. Wallace is being highly compensated for his big plays in Pittsburgh, but no more Big Ben and Joe Haden has proven to be one of the best shut down corners in the NFL he could play a major factor in this week’s connection. However expect things to open things up elsewhere for the Dolphins.

2. Stevie Johnson - Bills: The QB situation in Buffalo this week is unfortunately unfortunate for Stevie Wonder. With EJ Manuel being coddled and Kevin Kolb’s carrier possibly over, expect on a high school style offense from Buffalo this week. Jeff Tuel is the guy for Buffalo and don’t plan on a Disney like underdog story. There will be a heavy dosage of Spiller and Jackson, mostly to keep Tommy Terrific off the field and the fans at the stadium in their seats consuming as many concessions as possible.

3. Emmanuel Sanders - Steelers: The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to convince themselves that Sanders is the guy they think he should be. Well, sometimes I wish my car got better gas mileage, my dog didn’t hate the mailman, my woman...well you get it. Emmanuel Sanders has had his chance to prove himself in the NFL and he never has really earned his role as a top WR. With the departure of Wallace the job has fallen into Sander’s lap and I’m not buying that he has what it takes. Pittsburgh has one horrendous offensive line and Big Ben does what he does to overcome it, but he also is a QB of trust. As of right now he trusts Antonio Brown, emerging rookie wideout out Markus Wheaton, and his always reliable TE Heath Miller.

4. Kenny Britt - Titans: This weeks’s wild card WR. Kenny Britt is the polar opposite of Emmanuel Sanders. He has all the tools to be an Elite WR in the NFL. Problem is, he can’t get out of his own way. Whether he is serving a suspension or he is recovering from an injury Father time is always ticking, and in the NFL days are short lived. He is this week’s wildcard because frankly I see Jake Locker developing great connections with Kendall Wright, Damian Williams and the always reliable Nasty Nate Washington.

Week #1 Tight End - Sit EM's

1. Jermichael Finley – Packers: Jermichael Finley is another guy on this list who has been hyped uphis entire career because of flashes in the pan. Maybe he just gets lost amongst all the weapons in GB, but this is not the week to hope Rodgers will suddenly have faith in his sometimes overconfident TE. SF ranked ninth  last season against opposing TE’s. Their LB’s are big fast and play well moving in all directions. Expect Rodgers to attack SF deep and not provoke the beasts who lie in the middle.

2. Jermaine Gresham – Bengals: With the emerging Tyler Eifert, the TE duo could mean Cincy is looking to mirror the success in NE. However, Eifert is quickly moving up in the rankings and could be stealing passing downs and targets from Gresham. Gresham still leads with his blocking abilities, but I can picture him spending more time chipping at Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers. We will see as the season progresses, but I wouldn’t want anything to do with Gresham this week.

3. Brandon Pettigrew - Lions: DET loves to throw the rock all over the field and Pettigrew is always proving his worth when he gets the chance. Many have him ranked high this season, but Pettigrew has never been Staffords redzone guy, and with Megatron on the field why would he? In Pettigrew’s best season he caught 83 balls for 777 yds. He flat out lacks the big play abilities/chances his career long reception is 35 yds and season high TD tally is 5. Maybe in deeper PPR leagues he might get enough points to not have you cursing at his numbers, but don’t be surprised to see his targets be on the decline barring injury to Megatron. 

4. Antonio Gates – Chargers: This week’s wild card TE. If you’ve seen Gates play lately, you’d think he has thumb tacks in his cleats. How long can one man hobble around the field and make Phillip Rivers look halfway decent. I love Gates and his dedication and I am pushing for his career to get back on the healthy track. Last season the Texans were forth against opposing TE’s and allowed an average of 5.5 points/wk (standard scoring) and that was without the Brian the Juicer Cushing and newly acquired Ed the Goat Reed. It breaks my heart having Gates on this list but I will be wincing at every step he takes this week. 

Well folks that wraps up this weeks episode of "The Fantasy Footballfolk Weekly Four Sit Em' or Start Em'" by Justin Lonero. Be sure to stay tuned for my very own page on the +Fantasy Football Beasthouse site for these articles. Make sure to follow me on twitter and hit me up with ANY of your Fantasy Football related questions. @lonero_justin I also dont want to forget to give props to my guy: Eric Allen who helped me greatly with this article. Follow him