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PPR - Point Per Reception 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

PPR - Point Per Reception 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

I am going to be straight to the point in this article.  This is a strategy, so, unless you are Forrest Gump,
and want to make stupid famous, then its best to get right into it. The basic is knowing that PPR stands for Point Per Reception.  Yes, that means that your team gets points for each reception.  So, if wide receivers already get points, this means that running backs, and in some odd occurrences quarterbacks do too.  If you subtract the quarterback formula, and I hope you already did so, then the mission is to target running backs.  This will be reviewed in more depth as Strategy 1.
This article is also only going to discuss the first few rounds of your draft.  Your meaty portion or the heart of your draft strategy between rounds 5-9 is simple.  Running back depth, wide receiver depth, a tight end, or quarterback.  If you want to wait on quarterbacks, but don't want to stream, then you should not wait past your 6th rated quarterback.
I will be laying a five point strategy plan to win your league in a PPR world.  I will also include some sleeper and busts at the end.  So, no further ado here is...
Strategy 1:  Get running backs that have an ability to catch the ball, and  try to get two of these.  There are some instances where a straight line plodder is more preferable, but in the early rounds, in the 2013 draft, there is only three.  Marhsawn Lynch, Alfred Morris, and maybe Steven Ridley.  Lynch is a good grab in a 10 team league, in the top portion, and I would say Lynch and Morris in a 12+ team league.    After the third round you are picking up running back junk, or sleeper picks, so don't feel confident in  your selection with anyone outside that round.  If you feel you want to change it up a little bit in the 2nd or 3rd rounds of the draft, and go outside the running back criteria, then keep in mind that there are only a few selected players, that are worth considering. These include:

  • Megatron
  • Brandon Marshall
  • AJ Green
  • Julio Jones
  • Dez Bryant
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Andre Johnson
  • Randall Cobb
  • Victor Cruz
  • Roddy White  

  • Drew Brees
  • Aaron Rogers
  • Peyton Manning  
  • Jimmy Graham
As you can see that is only 15 players of 30 in a 10 team and a 15/36 in a twelve team that are not running backs.  This means your value for other positions rests outside round two.  
Strategy 2: Grab a Tight End.  If you are a firm believer in VBD, then Jimmy Graham is the guy for you.  In fact, if you can draft both Graham and Megatron, it may win you the whole thing in a VBD type strategy.  There is so much separation between these players and the next in their specific position that there is points aplenty.  Jimmy Graham is really the only player you would want as your tight end in rounds 1-3.  Jason Witten is also ideal, but you would have to put a bunch of stock into hoping he can catch more than his usual share of three touchdowns.    Avoid Rob Gronkowski, unless you can grab him late 6th or higher.
Strategy 3:  Draft a quarterback early.  I would avoid the quarterback fiasco, because there should be someone available to you late in the draft you want to aim for.  In the case you feel it is the right place to pull the trigger, then aim for either Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers.  Peyton Manning is left to discretion because he places higher emphasis than maybe Brees if your league considers interceptions.  
Strategy 4: Aim for possession receivers later in the draft. Megatron, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Andre Johnson These are the bread and butter in for fantasy owners in a PPR league.  They are going to get you the receptions and near 100 of them.  Wes Welker was the king of PPR before he shuffled off to Denver, so do not lean on him too much to see similar numbers, also Demaryius Thomas is probably the PPR target, as he had 94 receptions last year.  
Strategy 5: Keep in mind those teams that pass a lot.  Why?  Because they pass a lot.  Teams such as New Orleans, Denver, Green Bay, and Chicago all have team targets waiting for you.  Careful with New Orleans, because this is more of a focus to Darren Sproles than the wide outs.  They spread the ball around far too much to consider their receivers as PPR finds.
Now that we have the strategy down, here is a few players to keep an eye out for your PPR league, that most likely will go after the third round.  Don't forget we all have "That Guy" who usually targets players like Joel Dressen in the fourth because he caught a touchdown in the final pre season game.  They know about Dressen, because they decided to watch "ESPN" the night before their draft, because they think it's all they need to win it all.

2013 PPR Running Back Sleepers 

  • Jacquizz Rodgers-RB-ATL
  • Ryan Mathews-RB-SDC
  • Danny Woodhead-RB-SDC
  • Mike Goodson-RB-NYJ
  • Bryce Brown-RB-PHI
  • Robert Turbin-RB-SEA
  • Joique Bell-RB-DET
  • Marcel Reece-RB-OAK
  • Johnathan Franklin-RB-GBY

2013 PPR Wide Receiver Sleepers 

  • Kendall Wright-Ten-WR
  • Aaron Dobson-NEP-WR
  • Ruben Randle-NYG-WR
  • DeAndre Hopkins-WR-Hou
  • Emmanuel Sanders-WR-Pit
  • Andrew Hawkins-WR-Cin
  • Jason Avant-WR-Phi
  • TY Hilton-WR-Ind

2013 PPR Tight End Sleepers 

  • Brandon Myers
  • Jermichael Finley
  • Brandon Pettigrew
  • Fred Davis
  • Jared Cook
  • Zach Ertz
  • Jordan Cameron

2013 PPR Quarterback


  • Michael Vick
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Jake Locker
  • EJ Manuel
  • Terrelle Pryor
By: Michael Valverde - @RFLRedzone