Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Introducing the Fantasy Football Beasthouse Waiver Wire Series

Hello and welcome to the official introduction of a new contributor to the Fantasy Football Beasthouse. 
Most of you know that fantasy football championships are not won in the draft alone, championships are won because you drafted a solid team but also because you utilized the waiver wire when needed to improve your team. So with that in mind we have decided to keep you up to date on a weekly basis with HOT fantasy football waiver wire moves that we feel can help you win those championships. We have officially welcomed 20 Year Fantasy Football Guru Michael Valverde to our team to accomplish this goal and write this column. Michael is well respected and experience fantasy football writer who will bring you the best week in and week out. Week #1 Michael will begin his Fantasy Football Beasthouse Waiver Wire Pick Ups Series. But before then lets take a second and get to know a little bit about the "Michael Valverde". 

Michael again welcome aboard the Fantasy Football Beasthouse Crew. So lets get right to it..

How long have you been playing fantasy football? 

Been Playing Fantasy Football for the last 20 years. Have had many many up and down seasons, and have won and lost more than I can remember.

What is your favorite part of the fantasy football game itself? Drafts, Sundays, Writing.....

The favorite part is the draft.  I loved to study strategy and there is so many different strategies to the draft.  It is also a good reason to remain connected to my friends and family.  

Who do you look up to in the fantasy football industry?

I respect anyone who shares the same passion as I do. We are all different people, and we all have great ideas. If I find a connection with someone, I cherish it, because it is a way to learn, and become a better player.

You are very active on the different social media sites. How do you think fantasy football has been affected by social media and where can the followers find you off of this site? 

Social media allows a particular participant more access to news and information.  Before we had to rely on the internet search, before that it was newspapers.  To keep score and stats I had to get the newspaper every Monday and Tuesday morning.  I also had to get the Saturday paper to see who was listed on the injury report.  All those days are gone, which makes it particularly easy.  The draw back is that those that kept on top of things usually were rewarded with a good team.  Now everyone is on the same platform, and it dilutes the success and expands the luck factor involved.  Anyone can follow me, or ask questions at @RFLRedZone. Id be happy to help anyone who needs a perspective on a particular situation(s)

What can the readers look forward to with your columns? 

Assistance in their strategy. I bring a straight forward view in my columns, and in my writing I try to convey that message. You want something answered, then I will give it straight as I see it.  I welcome disagreements, critique and feed back.

If fans have individual waiver wire questions or just general questions what is the BEST way to contact you? 

The best way to contact at me is through @RFLRedZone.  I rarely check my email, but once a day, and I want to get back to you as soon as I see your question.

Again we are very excited to have Michael on our team and are truly looking forward to his excellent content.