Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Create Free, Customized Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

I am a software developer by trade who created for two reasons. First, I was tired of
creating my fantasy football rankings each year using clumsy spreadsheets and knew there had to be a better way. Second, I needed a job. Ultimately, I was able to accomplish both by creating a useful application and leveraging it to land a nice programming job with the U.S. military.

My primary objective with Cheat Sheet War Room is to develop a tool which allows users to create accurate rankings without having to leave the application to scour the web for information. I know that users want to focus entirely on their rankings, so my goal is to integrate any and all data which will aid that process into the cheat sheet itself. The challenge is squeezing a truly vast amount of data from a wide range of sources into an interface that is clean, responsive, and easy for users to digest.

We already integrate a wide range of useful information into our cheat sheets including full player statistics, statistical rankings based on fantasy point output, configurable sleeper & bust tags, rankings from other sources, 1-click Google News player search, configurable player notes, and a depth chart view which allows users to easily see how they have all players on a particular team ranked. In the next year I plan on expanding this even further to include news stories, player reviews, and status indicators for things like injuries, arrests, or other information which should affect rankings.