Monday, July 1, 2013

Fantasy Football How To Dominate Your 2013 Snake Draft

Hello and welcome to another +Fantasy Football Beasthouse 2013 Snake Draft Strategy Article. Today we're going over five simple yet often over looked tips to help you dominate your fantasy football league in 2013. Special Guest: Todd Mcdannel from

How To Dominate Your 2013 Snake Draft

The @FFCounselor Tip Summary:
1.  Track what other team owners are doing with their draft picks. Understand their draft strategy and take that into consideration on how you will be drafting.
Fantasy Football How to Snake Draft Strategy2.  Mock Draft like a Beasthouse.  Todd often mocks 50-100 times before his real life fantasy football drafts. Test out your different draft strategies and understand what others are doing and how you will react.
3. Read the rules. Look at your league to understand the scoring and roster breakdowns.
4. Go Green and Save Paper. Keep your cheat sheets limited and keep yourself organized.
5. Eat and concentrate on your draft not what style buffalo wings you are going to get.

On behalf of +Fantasy Football Beasthouse I would like to personally thank +Todd McDannell for taking the time to offer his Tips on dominating your 2013 Fantasy Football Snake Draft. Check out more Fantasy Football How To Snake Draft Articles here.

By: +Jason Kaz