Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fantasy Football Helpful Tools: Expert Spotlight - Dave Cherney aka "The Road Warrior"

  Welcome back to edition #3 of the +Fantasy Football Beasthouse Helpful Tools for 2013. This week we will be featuring a fantasy football "OG" that will keep you entertained while providing non stop fantasy football coverage all year round. I say "OG" because this guy is a well respected veteran fantasy football contributor and has been on the block since you were probably in diapers. Okay enough of the ganster hip hop rapper references and lets get to it...

Greetings Fantasy Football fanatics. My name is +Dave Cherney aka The Road Warrior and I work for +Dynasty Football Warehouse. I’d like to begin by thanking +Jason Kaz for this opportunity to introduce myself.
I’ll begin with a little of my history. I’ve played Fantasy Football since 1992… you name it; Redraft, Dynasty Startup, Dynasty Adoption, Contract leagues, Salary Cap leagues, IDP, Draftmaster and
Fantasy Throwdown. 
I really immersed myself into our game after following podcasts and participating in their chat rooms. That act alone allowed me to meet some of the best minds in the business. 
Four years ago I switched my game primarily to the Dynasty format. It became apparent playing Fantasy only 4-months out of the year wasn’t nearly enough. That is one of the beautiful aspects of the Dynasty game; it goes year round allowing you to really form a bond with your league mates as well as your players.
I was brought on at DFW shortly after they started, one year ago. The site has been a success in such a short time and the off season is our busy season. 
Most know me as the “behind the scenes guy” as my true passion is forming relationships between Fantasy Football related sites in an effort to grow the game we love. Having the background of hanging out in these podcast chats made this a natural choice for me. 
My job with DFW, if you can call this work, is a bit difficult to describe. I’m their lead forum moderator, writer, podcaster, recruiter, one of several social media drivers and site practical joker. I enjoy wearing several hats and love to multitask.
I am the co-host of DFW’s ‘Dish Out’ podcast with site co-owner Dan Heins which airs on Monday Nights at 7 p.m. ET.
Our content is based on inviting an NFL beat writer or lead team blogger onto the hour long show to break down the organization they follow thoroughly. We’ll explore practically the entire team, their depth and many times their practice squad players. Questions are framed with Fantasy Football in mind even though it’s technically not a Fantasy Football exclusive podcast.
We will begin our second season shortly after the NFL draft. However, we did a special 2-hour episode prior to the Senior Bowl if anyone would like a sample of our work; that show can be found on iTunes, Blog Talk Radio and or by clicking the link.
If you happen to give this a listen, don’t mind our highly knowledgeable heavy breathing guest +Shane Hallam from Draft Countdown. He was just excited to be on with us.
I am very active on the social media market via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and recently Google+ for football related information and disbursement. 
I welcome each of you to check out our content at Dynasty Football Warehouse where football never ends.

  Well friends I truly hope you take a second and follow our friend and fellow fantasy football expert +Dave Cherney I promise you will be entertained. Also keep an eye out as we continue to expand your fantasy football network with our 2013 Fantasy Football Helpful Tools Series