Sunday, April 14, 2013

25 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts
  Selecting 25 individual fantasy football twitter accounts was not an easy task. The @beasthousecrew has been on for a couple of years now and in that time we have met a lot of interesting people and also some very helpful fantasy football experts. Today we have created a +Fantasy Football Beasthouse special list of 25 Twitter accounts that we highly recommend for you to follow for the upcoming 2013 fantasy football season. 

  These twitter accounts and fantasy football experts have stood the test and have provided us and other fantasy football players with great quality content and an interactive social media experience. We have selected these 25 accounts specifically to help you uncover some serious fantasy football gems on twitter. You can follow this entire list from our twitter account:

This list is in no specific order...

TraderX - @FantasyTrade411-
Trader X is a great follow for fantasy football trade advice and he is very interactive and open for fantasy football discussions. 

JJ Zachariason - @LateRoundQB -
JJ is fantasy football 24/7. He offers great fantasy football wisdom and is always down to talk fantasy football. There is no off season for JJZachariason
Chet Gresham - @Chet_G -
Chet is everything but FAKE. He writes some very solid articles and is a very respected writer in that Fantasy Football Community.

Dave Cherney - @RoadWarrior_DFW -
Dave is a fantasy football OG (Original Gangster) for all of you young punks. This veteran has been around for along time and has a plethora of fantasy knowledge and industry connections.

Shane P. Hallam - @ShanePHallam -
Shane is a blog talk radio guru and also very interactive. He is active to offer advice and a NFL draft specialist.

Sean Morris - @BrunoBoysMorris -
I need to say this carefully but Sean is one of the hardest working writers in the industry. He is consistently offering great fantasy articles with solid value.

Dan Dynasty Football - @Dan_DFW -
Minnesota Nice. Dan is a Minnesota native and also the co-host of the DFW Dish-Out podcast with Dave Cherney. Offers a large network with great content.

Jay Dynasty Football - @Dynasty_DFW -
Another Minnesota Nice Fella. Jay will keep you up to date with all the happenings at DFW and also provide great feedback to your fantasy questions.

Leo Paciga - @FFHoudini -
Leo is yet another solid follow from the DFW crew. If you haven't noticed by now these guys are the real deal. Follow them all for quality fantasy football news.

Allie Fontana - @AllieFontana
12,000+ tweets lets you know that Allie is a active fantasy football expert on twitter. She tweets about football and interacts with her followers too.

Alessandro Miglio - @AlexMiglio
A solid credible source for your latest fantasy football information.

Jeff Haseley - @JeffHaseley -
With 17,000+ tweets to his name, Jeff lives and breathes football and is very active on twitter. He interacts with his followers and has a great fantasy football mind.

Micah James - @FFMagicMan
Micah is a quality guy who is truly out there to help you win in your fantasy football league. If you want to learn more about him check out this post: Fantasy Expert: Micah James

Gary Davenport - @IDPManor
If you play IDP then Gary should be your #1 follow. He will interact and offer some solid Fantasy football IDP articles and information.

FFCounselor - @FFCounselor -
Why Follow? Todd is a great fantasy football mind that interacts with his twitter followers and has one main goal and that is to help fantasy football players.

Dave McKay - @TalktotheBrain
The Brain Dave Mckay will keep you in the loop 24/7 with fantasy sports. When it is not football he is tweeting about fantasy baseball as well.
Subs - @Subsfootball
Subs is a solid fantasy football information hub. Specializes in the Dynasty style fantasy football.

Lawrence Marino - @DSEmpire_CEO
50,000+ tweets may scare you although if you love fantasy sports he is well worth the follow. He also shares posts on fantasy basketball, baseball and more.

Ryan McDowell - @RyanMc23
If you play dynasty fantasy football then you need to follow Ryan of the DLF crew. He tweets alot and is very interactive as well.

Stephania Bell - @Stephania_Espn
If you want to know the latest on your studs injury you need to follow Stephania. She is awesome at reporting the timely injury updates and interacts when she can! Follow Her.

Andrea Hangst - @FBALL_Andrea
Andrea is the real deal. This well respected gal can write and she shares alot of good fantasy information to her followers.

Mike Clay - @MikeClayNFL
Mike has 18,000+ followers already and you need to ride his gravy train as well. Last year he was the #2 most accurate pro on

Liz Loza - @TheFFGirl -
Liz a fantasy football rockstar. She does podcasts, video and she writes a killer blog. Follow her and share the passion of fantasy football.

Fantasy FB Pundit - @FantasyFbPundit
This guy throws it down. Pundit offers relevant information and shares alot of helpful articles and is an interactive fantasy profile on twitter.

Fantasy Football Beasthouse - @beasthousecrew 
Our goal is to be your number one source for your fantasy football information. We work hard to offer you a FREE resource to help you become the beasthouse of your fantasy football league. 

Did we miss anyone? Please feel free to list some great fantasy football twitter accounts below. Stay tuned as we continue building your toolbox for the 2013 Fantasy Football Season

By Jason Kaz