Friday, March 8, 2013

"Fantasy Football Helpful Tools 2013": Asylum Fantasy Football

     Hello and welcome to our first edition of The Beasthouse "Fantasy Football Helpful Tools 2013".  Over the next couple months I will be introducing you to some of the best fantasy football tools available.  These tools will include fantasy football blogs, podcasts, twitter follows, trade analyzers, who to start tools and much more. My main goal of this Fantasy Football Helpful Tools series is to provide you with all of the tools that you need to improve your fantasy football knowledge and become the beasthouse of your league. Our first feature is a Podcast called "Asylum Fantasy Football". I met these guys through twitter and was actually a guest on one of their shows last year (you can listen to it here). Please take a moment to read about them and make sure to turn into their shows come Fantasy Football Draft Time.

Why Should You Listen to The Asylum Fantasy Football Podcast?
Hi! We are Rick Fleeger and Rick Briggs. When we decided to launch Asylum Fantasy Football, we weren’t really sure what direction to go. We knew what we liked and how we rolled.  As our logo may suggest, we wanted out of the box and not just pound people with stats and numbers.  We crunch the numbers, but we also take a common sense approach to drafting. 

Our mission is to get the fantasy football owner to think about things. Too many people show up to drafts with a magazine they bought a day before and draft chalk down through the lists filling positions as they go.  The Asylum wants to give you strategies, and different ways of developing those strategies.  We have proven time and again, that following your instincts along with common sense makes your life easier as a team owner in fantasy football.
Don’t get us wrong, stats are key to looking ahead, but not the only thing.  We want you to be an intelligent owner and bring home fantasy trophies and prize money like we have, but to do that you have to forget a lot of the bologna thrown at you that you may think is gospel.  Be you own owner! It’s your money, so put it on The Asylum and tune in to us. 
We are found at, and  We are featured heavily on the Fantasy Sports Channel on Blog Talk Radio.  You can subscribe FREE to us on itunes.  Our blogs appear on and  E-mail us at and of course, tweet us up at @asylumfootball on Twitter! 

Give The Asylum a try and we know you will agree that our info and strategies will help you enjoy fantasy sports more and be more successful too!