Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fantasy Football Helpful Tools: Expert Spotlight - FFMagicMan Micah James

  Welcome back to edition number two of our "Fantasy Football Helpful Tools 2013". This week we will spotlight a fantasy football expert that can help you get the magic going with your 2013 fantasy football team. As many of you know quality fantasy football rankings are tough to find these days. With so many websites posting rankings it seems like everyone "and their grandma" is posting them on their blogs or websites. So this week we decided to seek out a PROVEN fantasy football expert and feature him for your benefit as part of our helpful tools series. Ladies and Gentlemen meet +Micah James the Winner of the FFLibrarian / Fantasy Sports Trade Association Accuracy Rankings Challenge finishing 1st of 61 Fantasy Football Experts. 

*Please note, that if you play in any of my fantasy football leagues, contacting Micah James will now be against league rules... He is that Good!!! 

  Greetings! I’m Micah James, better known as the FFMagicMan. Thanks so much to +Jason Kaz and the @BeasthouseCrew for giving me this opportunity to share a little bit of info with you!

  My mission as a fantasy football analyst is to help fantasy football owners across the globe win their league title each and every season. (Unless they happen to be in one of my leagues, in which case my goal is to help you finish in second place.)

  My 2012 season ended on a very nice note as I was recognized for winning the FFLibrarian / Fantasy Sports Trade Association Accuracy Rankings Challenge – I finished 1st out of 61 expert entries. You can always find my most recent player rankings on my website and (new for 2013) on the FantasyPros website as well.

  As you prepare for your 2013 leagues, here are a few other resources that I’m involved in which I think will be very helpful for you:

  The Magic Formula – Fantasy Football – this is my new podcast which features an extended conversation with a different fantasy football analyst every episode. Instead of just talking about the “news of the day” this podcast goes deeper, covering the strategic elements of a successful fantasy season. You’ll get advice and tips to help you win each and every week.

  Adjusted-X: Value-Based Drafting in 2013 – I’m working on a new take on Value-Based Drafting strategies for the upcoming season. By using this new strategy, an owner will minimize risk in the critical early rounds of a draft and will have a solid nucleus in place before the later rounds – an important component of a championship run. You can find the overview posted to my website in the upcoming weeks, and the entire series will be available closer to this season’s drafts.

  Please check me out on Twitter (@FFmagicMan) and on Facebook (http://facebook.com/theFFMagicMan). For 2013, I have joined one of best-kept secrets in fantasy football – Fantasy Insights, a site that has been helping owners win championships since 1994. You can hear me live every Friday night on the Fantasy Football Power Hour podcast with +Jim Day and Dish Adams on BlogTalkRadio, and of course, you can find The Magic Formula on iTunes – please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any episodes!

  Whether you’ve got questions about who to start, who to draft, or just want to talk fantasy football…look me up, there’s nothing better than a good fantasy football discussion. I’m here to share, to learn, and most of all, to help you to a winning season!

- Micah James

  A big BEASTHOUSE thank you to Micah James the "FFMAGICMAN" for taking the time to tell us a little bit about himself and his current and upcoming projects. Make sure to check out our complete list of Fantasy Football Helpful Tools for 2013 (HERE).

By Jason Kaz