Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012-2013 NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge - WR / TE Player Rankings

NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge is here! Check out my rankings below. 

The below fantasy football Wide Receiver & Tight End Rankings are for the 2012-2013 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge with the following scoring set up:

1 player from each team filling the following positions:

Atlanta Falcons (1)               Denver Broncos (1)
San Francisco 49ers (2)         New England Patriots (2)
Green Bay Packers (3) Houston Texans (3)
Washington Redskins (4) Baltimore Ravens (4)
Seattle Seahawks (5) Indianapolis Colts  (5)
Minnesota Vikings (6) Cincinnati  Bengals(6)

Scoring Settings

Rushing or receiving TD = 6 points
Passing TD = 4 points
Field Goal =  3 points
Extra point = 1 point
Defense/Special Teams = 6 points TD, 2 for safety, 1 for sack, 1 for fumble rec, 1 for INT, 6 for a shutout * (returns count as D/ST score, no points for the individual player)

Yardage Bonus = 1 point for every 25 yds rushing/receiving, 1 for each 100 yds passing, 1 for field goals 50 yds or longer

2012-13 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge Rankings - Wide Receiver / Tight End

1. AJ Green - Cincinnati Bengals
Pros: Who else are you going to take on Cincinnati? He is electric and good for at least 75 and a touch against Houston. 
Cons: Houston is still a good team and could easily beat the Bengals which could easily be a one and done for AJ. 
Summary:  With the lack of fantasy talent on the Bengals in this playoff competition I rate AJ Green as my Number one WR. He has #1 talent on a team that could possible shock the Texans and offer atleast two solid games of fantasy value but more importantly he is your best bet on Cincy.

2.  Demaryius Thomas -  Denver Broncos
Pros: If you do not take Peyton Manning as your QB you will want Demaryius Thomas on your squad. Again Vegas has them selected as the Superbowl favorite so you will want a key position with a Bronco. 
Cons: The game two match up with most likely William Stephen "Bill" Belichick scares me. 
Summary: WR is a position where you can take some risks and gambles and DT is a gamble I am going to take. Again if I do not have Peyton on my squad I will be taking Demaryius for my team. 

3. Andre Johnson - Houston Texans
Pros: He is Red Hot right now and working well with Schaub too bad the rest of the team is studder stepping. 
Cons: It will be tough to beat the Patriots if they win in the Wild Card round although he should put up some points before they exit.
Summary: If you do not take Foster I would grab AJ. They are both studs and could each score a couple TD's for you. 

4. Jordy Nelson / Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers
4 game potential and they could be chucking the pig skin all over the MN Vikings first round offering you a nice pad to begin. Pick one or the other if Cobb is Healthy. 

5. Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons
Hopefully the Falcons can roll in the playoffs and if so Julio will be getting some Td's.  

6. Roddy White - Atlanta Falcons
See Julio above. Pick either one but I sure hope the Falcons can prove their doubters wrong.

7. Eric Decker - Denver Broncos
Could and should be the AFC representative in the Superbowl. Peyton looks his way in the Redzone and that is what counts. 

8. Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts
With 4 WR slots you can take a risk with Reggie here. #chuckstrong anything can happen and name another Colts player you may take? 

9. Wes Welker - New England Patriots  
With the Magician throwing him the ball Wesley should produce in the playoffs. I would hesitate to waste my Patriot roster spot on a WR because Brady Spreads the ball out so much but there are worse options. 

10. Michael Crabtree - San Fransisco 49ers 
This could be a sneaky pick. He has chemistry with Kapper-Nicky and I don't mind this pick off the 49ers.

11. James Jones - Green Bay 
All this guy does is catch touchdowns.  Jordy ? Cobb are better options but with little emphasis on yardage James "All I do is Catch Touchdowns" Jones is not a bad choice heading into the possible 4 game stretch run by the Packers. 

12. Pierre Garcon - Washington Redskins
Pierre and the Redskins have a battle ahead of them but if you do not select Alfred or RG III I dont mind throwing a chip on Frenchy.    

Wide Receiver Summary: Fill your QB positions first then move to RB then to WR. Wide Receiver positions are so tough to judge in these deals so make sure to fill the QB & RB with the quality studs first then grab some decent WR's with the left over players and teams. As you noticed Gronk Nation is excluded from this list because of his health. But if he is healthy 100% I may sneak him in the Top 10. 

Agree? Disagree? I would enjoy your feedback. 

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