Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why I'm Starting Andrew Luck over Matt Ryan Week 14

  As the 2012 fantasy football playoffs are in full swing, some serious decisions need to be made on your roster and they need to be the right ones. This is where you have to trust the experts and your gut or else you will be left feeling like crap for the next nine months until next years draft. My week 14 roster dilemma begins at QB. Do I start my #1 QB all year Matt Ryan against Carolina? or do I go with my gut that tells me to let loose on Andrew Luck against the Tennessee Titans.

  Well  I am going with my gut and firing Andrew Luck tomorrow. These types of decisions are how fantasy football championships are won but also easily lost. Before you go out and make some dumb bold moves make sure to check your sources to ensure at least some rankings agree with your choices.

My decision was based on the following reasons:
- Carolina is higher ranked against the pass
- Matty Ice has been struggling lately
- Andrew Luck is more likely to run one in
- Andrew Luck is actually a higher ranked QB in my league.
- Luck AVG. more points in my league
- Carolina has been playing great defensively lately
- My Gut says trust the Rookie
- Experts on avg rank Luck higher
- I have Reggie Wayne - Only praying for another 200+ yard day... He is due.