Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why I would START Jaguars RB - Montell Owens over Beanie Wells

Why I would START Montell Owens RB Jaguars over Beanie Wells RB Cardinals and others...

  Dude lets face it.. Beanie is nursing a sore knee and last week against a poor poor Jets run D he only managed 22 yards on 15 carries. Beanie does have some potential left in his bag but not this week. Tomorrow Jacksonville Jaguars Montell "The Full Monty" Owens (trademark beasthouse crew) will get a great opportunity as the lead back to display his skills as the Jaguars take on that same soft run D that Beanie failed miserably against last week.

  I believe that THE FULL MONTY will get 15-18 carries for 70+ yards and 2 grabs for 10+ yards and will get in for a score. Don't regret not grabbing Montell Owens this week. You will look like a fantasy GURU. or dummy but I say roll the dice he will be a FULL MONTY every down back and I would start him over these fantasy BUSTS for week 14.

Colts- Donald Brown
Dolphins- Reggie Bush
Saints- Darren Sproles
Panthers- DeAngelo Williams
Vikings- Adrian Peterson.... HAHA Just seeing if you are still reading. You better know better.....

Good Luck Boys and Girls...

Make the Beasthouse Crew Proud. If you win let us hear about it. If you loose just dont ever visit our site again. totally joking.