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2012-2013 NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge - Running Back Player Rankings

NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge! Dont be fooled there is some strategy to it. Check out my rankings below. 

The below fantasy football Running Back Rankings are for the 2012-2013 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge with the following scoring set up:

1 player from each team filling the following positions:

Atlanta Falcons (1)               Denver Broncos (1)
San Francisco 49ers (2)         New England Patriots (2)
Green Bay Packers (3) Houston Texans (3)
Washington Redskins (4) Baltimore Ravens (4)
Seattle Seahawks (5) Indianapolis Colts  (5)
Minnesota Vikings (6) Cincinnati  Bengals(6)

Scoring Settings

Rushing or receiving TD = 6 points
Passing TD = 4 points
Field Goal =  3 points
Extra point = 1 point
Defense/Special Teams = 6 points TD, 2 for safety, 1 for sack, 1 for fumble rec, 1 for INT, 6 for a shutout * (returns count as D/ST score, no points for the individual player)

Yardage Bonus = 1 point for every 25 yds rushing/receiving, 1 for each 100 yds passing, 1 for field goals 50 yds or longer

2012-13 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge Rankings - Running Backs

1. Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks 
Pros: 4 game potential and he is a Beasthouse favorite. The dude will get his and he has the best chance of advancing from the wildcard round to get a second game out of all the wildcard Rb's. 
Cons: Redskins will be a tough match up but if they get past them I see The Beast upsetting the Falcons. 
Summary:  With three RB slots available on your roster Marshawn "Beastmode" Lynch is worth a spot because he is on a team with a good D and he will get in the endzone.

2.  Arian Foster - Houston Texans
Pros: Touchdown Foster! That is a common saying in the broadcast booth during a Texans game. If the Texans play Texan football you will want Arian Foster on your squad. 
Cons: They are coming in cold. Not good for the playoffs 
Summary: Arian Foster rarely disappoints and I see at least two good games out of him. He could be #1 on this list but I tried to be different. 

3. Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings 
Pros: He may outscore 80% of the running backs in the playoffs in the one game he plays. 
Cons: 95% chance of a one and done. (I am a Vikings Fan but a Realist as well).
Summary: You almost HAVE to take a shot on this Beasthouse. It is either him or Blair Walsh on your roster from the Vikings. 

4. Alfred Morris - Washington Redskins
The winner of the SEA vs WAS game have a chance of upsetting the playoff sucky Falcons and could do some serious damage in these games. 

5. Stevan Ridley - New England Patriots 
Good Team serious Superbowl Threat and will get TD's.

6. Ray Rice - Baltimore Ravens
Tough to not keep Ray Ray here. I don't like the Ravens so much but They could get two games worth of points and Ray Ray should get a couple TD's. 

7. Frank Gore - San Fransisco 49ers 
Could and should be the NFC representative in the Superbowl. He will get a heavy workload and hopefully a couple touchdowns. (hoping they play the Packers)

8. Michael Turner - Atlanta Falcons 
Goal line carries. Hopefully the Falcons can win some playoff games if so this Drunk will get you some points. 

9. Ben Jarvis Green_Ellis - Cincinatti Bengals 
Call BJGE if you need some serious Law Firm advice on your Fantasy Playoff squad. Good Thing yards dont mean much cause he lacks the YPC. Goal Line work. Possible 1st round loss. 

10. Knowshon Moreno - Denver Broncos 
He would be higher but it is in perspective. I am assuming you will grab a WR or QB from Denver not Knowshon. 

11. Vick Ballard - Indianapolis Colts 
#Chuckstrong You never know... one win and he is good to have on the squad but most likely one and done. 

12. Danny Woodhead - New England Patriots 
Please dont pick Danny Woodhead from the patriots.  

Running Back Summary: Fill your QB positions first then move to RB. Take this list and look at the receivers available after you hypothetically make your selections. You get three RBs so go with two consistent running backs who will make a deep run into the playoffs and then take a risk on a Boom or bust type player. Try not to take all of your RBs from teams that are playing in the wild card round. ALWAYS remember to put things in perspective. Do not kill your team to have top three RB's that all play in the Wild Card Round. 

Agree? Disagree? I would enjoy your feedback. 

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