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2012-2013 NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge - Quarterback Player Rankings

     "Yeah Buddy" It's that time of year again. Not only is it NFL playoff football time but it's also redemption time for about 92% of all fantasy football players. Yes I did the simple math, 12 team leagues - 11 losers like yourself = 92%... no offense man just facts. Too early?
     Well... I got some good news for you. I can help you gain that redemption with these custom rankings that I have created BEASTHOUSE STYLE. So enough of the chit chat lets get at it. Keep in mind most playoff scoring systems and player roster set ups differ greatly so make sure you are checking out the right rankings to match your challenge. The below fantasy football Quarterback rankings are for the 2012-2013 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge with the following scoring set up:

1 player from each team filling the following positions:

Atlanta Falcons (1)         Denver Broncos (1)
San Francisco 49ers (2)         New England Patriots (2)
Green Bay Packers (3) Houston Texans (3)
Washington Redskins (4) Baltimore Ravens (4)
Seattle Seahawks (5) Indianapolis Colts  (5)
Minnesota Vikings (6) Cincinnati  Bengals(6)

Scoring Settings

Rushing or receiving TD = 6 points
Passing TD = 4 points
Field Goal =  3 points
Extra point = 1 point
Defense/Special Teams = 6 points TD, 2 for safety, 1 for sack, 1 for fumble rec, 1 for INT, 6 for a shutout * (returns count as D/ST score, no points for the individual player)

Yardage Bonus = 1 point for every 25 yds rushing/receiving, 1 for each 100 yds passing, 1 for field goals 50 yds or longer

2012-13 Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge Rankings - Quarterbacks

1. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers 
Pros: The Champ has the biggest upside simply because he was a top 3 regular fantasy season QB and he has the potential to play in max 4 games possible this playoffs. 
Cons: When they get past the Vikings they will have to play the daunted 49ers defense who could easily shut them down. 
Summary: Aaron Rodgers has a huge upside this fantasy playoffs with the 4 potential games and if they get to the Superbowl your fantasy playoff squad should be in GREAT shape. 

2. Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos 
Pros: Vegas likes the Broncos = I Like the Broncos. Peyton throws touchdowns and 300+ yards a game consistently and they are the favorite to win the Superbowl. 
Cons: William Stephen "Bill" Belichick scares me. He is soo nasty come playoff time it is hard to pick against him, by saying that I mean when you select Peyton as your QB for your fantasy roster you are assuming he will make it to the SB which will most likely will have to happen by defeating the mighty might Patriots. 
Summary: "This dog can hunt" Peyton is a German Short Hair who is smart, sneaky and one heck of a QB for a team with a great defense. Vegas is willing to put their money on him so am I. Lets watch this dog hunt! 

3. Tom Brady - New England Patriots
Pros: The Magician Tom Brady is electric as Michael Jackson in his prime. Tom has the opportunity to moon walk his way back to the Superbowl shredding the AFC as he goes, even tempting you to moonwalk across your living room so glad you went with him as one of your fantasy QB's.
Cons: The Denver Broncos are rolling right now and Vegas has them at +200 to win the Superbowl compared to +250 for the Patriots. Which tells me that Vegas likes the Broncos beating the Pats which is not good for our own Michael Jackson
Summary: It is really hard not to like Tom Brady especially in the playoffs but keep in mind the house never looses. So if you do not go with Tom Brady I would highly recommend Mr Peyton Manning as your selection. 

4. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons 
Matt “Ice Cold in the Playoffs” Ryan could hurt me placing him here. 

5. Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins
The winner of the SEA vs WAS game have a chance of upsetting the playoff sucky Falcons and could do some serious damage in these games. 

6. Russel Wilson - Seattle Seahawks 
This team is RED Hot heading into the playoffs. Good D = Long Run. 4 game potential. Also see RGII. 

7. Colin Kaepernick - San Fransisco 49ers 
Should get at least two solid games with a rush TD or Two.

8. Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts 
You never know. #Chuckstrong

9. Andy Dalton - Cincinatti Bengals 
AJ Green and the fact they throw a ton at the goal line puts him here. 

10. Matt Schaub - Houston Texans
Tough to come limping in the playoffs playing cold as the back side of a pillow. 

11. Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens 
He aint Joe Theismann for sure. 

12. Christian Ponder - Minnesota Vikings
His time here is very limited. 

Quarterback Summary: Keep in mind that in these NFL Playoff Fantasy Football games, Quarterbacks are your best friends. There is not a lot of points for yardage and you truly want your QB's in the Superbowl so with that in mind, my advice is to make sure and grab your QB's from the teams you expect to make the Superbowl, one from the AFC and one from the NFC. 

Agree? Disagree? I would enjoy your feedback. 

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