Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Things to Know About Fantasy Football Trades....

Well let me guess...you are here for two reasons:

1 Your team is lame and you are looking for a way to make a last minute run at the playoffs
2 You did a google search and you randomly came across this website and you are leaving in t minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 good bye. 

Well for those of you who decided to stick around, Thank you. Today I want to offer you some basic tips on how to improve your fantasy football team mid-season to hopefully make a splash and turn your season around.
Top things to know about fantasy football trades.... 

- If you have a bad record but your team is putting up average to high points week in and week out, stop reading this article and go to bed. It is fantasy football and sometimes you just have bad luck so don't make a dumb trade because of bad luck, stick it out. 
- When you offer a trade in fantasy football you rarely get the better end of the deal on paper. Strategically make offers that make sense on surface paper but look deeper for your advantage ex. rest of season rankings, schedule and keeper value. 
- If you are in a divisional league set up try not and help the teams below you in your division. 
- Please don't be that guy who offers a gazillion garbage trades because that just pisses people off and insults their intelligence.
- Like a wolf ALWAYS attack the weak member of the heard first. This is one place where you can offer some garbage trades to try and sneak one off. Offering 2 for 1's with big names can sometimes help you out.
- Talk trades in person. Like in all other sales pitches get the person on the phone and feel them out. This will help you see what they need and also help you close the deal. 
- Do your research on your own guys and also the players you are targeting. Always bring up the bad stuff about their players and the golden stuff about yours. 
- Make sure to remind them how sucky their team is or why they need to make a trade. 
"Yo Donkey Puncher I was checking out your squad and it is looking like we both need some help if we are going to make the playoffs, Are you interested in moving anyone? It looks like you have three solid rb's but need a WR bad and Mike Wallace is available. I need someone like McCoy or Fred Jackson so if you are willing, I would like to make you some offers? You know we need this "
- If you are speaking with teams in your same boat as record and odds of making the playoffs keep reminding them that something has to change or we will both miss the playoffs. 
- Dont be afraid to make a splash and give away more than you are receiving. Look ahead at match ups and players who have under performed and by low and sell your guys high. Basic I know but for real grow some balls and make a move. 

Well I cant make any trades for you but hopefully this list helped you gain the confidence needed to make that bold move. 

Jason Kaz