Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recent Fantasy Football Auction Draft - August 9, 2012

  Yes Sir - Let the drafting begin! With preseason week one in the books, fantasy football beasthouses across the nation have officially started to draft their 2012 Fantasy Football Dream Teams (or so they think). No doubt that this is my favorite time of the football season and consequently it is also my wife's most hated time of the football season. I mean rightfully so, because every store we walk into I grab one or a couple of our kids and head straight for the magazine section, occupying the kids with a good princess or Nijago book while I anxiously peer into the first fantasy football magazine I can find, just pumped up to see their expert mock drafts and also to see the different strategies they offer. Yes I am that guy : ) I will sit in the freakin store and read the magazine, creasing and crinkling the pages just because NO magazine is worth $7.99. But I have to be honest with you, I did go out and buy myself a handy dandy shiny new Fantasy Football magazine but that is ONLY because I am a freaking addict and I just wanted something to read while I am eating my Wheaties in the morning.
Okay so now to the guts of this post... My First 2012 Fantasy Football Auction League Draft of the Year. Well let me start by saying that if you want true values and practice for your upcoming auction league draft don't do a mock draft but instead join a free auction league on ESPN. I say that because there are a lot of 12 year old donkeys out there who are mock drafting for fun and will simply waste your time by jacking up the values of certain players and if you get yourself into the wrong mock auctions it is a complete waste of time. So ESPN offers everyone ten free teams to play with so go ahead and sign yourself up for a free live auction draft league and let the fun begin. I think it is funny that so many people play in these public leagues just for fun with nothing on the line. I mean come on, please do me one favor and if you play in these public leagues NEVER I mean NEVER brag about a championship because everyone knows that by week 2 there are only 50% of the guys who will be actively playing in your league so keep that pride to yourself homeboy.
  Okay I am now serious about getting to the guts of this post. Below I have listed the Ten team results with analysis of each team and assumed strategy from an Auction League Draft that I participated in on August 9th 2012. I purposefully left my name off the team I drafted just because I know some clowns in my auction leagues are reading this! So it took alot of work to set this up but I hope you enjoy and learn something. Feel free to leave you feedback and comments below.


Team Deep Diver
QB Eli Manning 17
RB Frank Gore 19
RB Michael Turner 16
WR Victor Cruz 22
WR Wes Welker 25
TE Jason Witten 12
FLEX Dez Bryant 13
D/ST Steelers D/ST 4
K Garrett Hartley 2
BE Jeremy Maclin 13
BE Darren Sproles 15
BE Matt Ryan 8
BE Ben Tate 6
BE Mark Ingram 5
BE Doug Martin 10
BE Owen Daniels 13
Total: 200

Assumed Strategy:
Deep Balanced Attack
Pros: Very Deep Solid Team
with some potential breakout
Cons: None
Overall Grade: A
Team Silver Foxes
QB Philip Rivers 11
RB Fred Jackson 30
RB Willis McGahee 19
WR Calvin Johnson 49
WR Brandon Marshall 28
TE Jermichael Finley 10
FLEX Demaryius Thomas 17
D/ST Falcons D/ST 1
K Sebastian Janikowski 3
BE Stephen Gostkowski 4
BE Aaron Hernandez 11
BE C.J. Spiller 1
BE Malcom Floyd 10
BE Lance Moore 1
BE Peyton Hillis 2
BE Carson Palmer 1
Total: 198
Remaining: 2

Assumed Strategy:
WR Heavy / Steady QB /
Value RB's
Pros: WR's will likely
outperform opponents
Cons: Old Geezer RBs but
hopefully they last
Overall Grade: B
Team IR
QB Tony Romo 21
RB Ryan Mathews 35
RB Trent Richardson 25
WR Steve Smith 15
WR Antonio Brown 11
TE Jimmy Graham 36
FLEX BenJarvus Green-Ellis 14
D/ST Packers D/ST 1
K Matt Prater 1
BE Steve Johnson 13
BE Matt Schaub 4
BE Jahvid Best 2
BE Donald Brown 3
BE Kevin Smith 1
BE Kenny Britt 2
BE Felix Jones 1
Total: 185
Remaining: 15

Assumed Strategy:
Balanced Budget
Pros: Balanced Steady
Scoring team each week.
Could have used that $15 Extra
Overall Grade: A-
Team 2 Kickers 3 Qbs  
QB Ben Roethlisberger 8
RB Jonathan Stewart 10
RB Maurice Jones-Drew 51
WR Michael Crabtree 2
WR Greg Jennings 31
TE Vernon Davis 10
FLEX Reggie Bush 9
D/ST Ravens D/ST 3
K David Akers 5
BE Robert Griffin III 5
BE Peyton Manning 15
BE Dan Bailey 3
BE Texans D/ST 5
BE Beanie Wells 10
BE Eric Decker 13
BE Robert Meachem 5
Total: 185
Remaining: 15

Assumed Strategy:
The New Guy  3 QBs 2 ks
and money left over. Puff,
Puff pass that already.
Pros: QB Trade Bait.
Cons: Better hope to find
some waiver wire gems
Overall Grade: C
Team Balls Out
QB Drew Brees 41
RB Arian Foster 55
RB Stevan Ridley 9
WR Mike Wallace 26
WR Brandon Lloyd 15
TE Jared Cook 1
FLEX Andre Johnson 31
D/ST Patriots D/ST 1
K Robbie Gould 1
BE David Wilson 1
BE Sidney Rice 1
BE Bernard Scott 1
BE Pierre Thomas 1
BE LeGarrette Blount 1
BE Joe Flacco 1
BE Laurent Robinson 1
Total: 187
Remaining: 13

Assumed Strategy:
The Gambler
Pros: Brees, Foster & A John
on the same team.
Cons: Even with these studs
It is tough to overcome weakness
elsewhere. & $13 left over???
Overall Grade: C-
Team Peach Fuzz
QB Matthew Stafford 38
RB Steven Jackson 21
RB Adrian Peterson 26
WR Julio Jones 29
WR A.J. Green 27
TE Jacob Tamme 4
FLEX DeMarco Murray 30
D/ST Jets D/ST 1
K Alex Henery 2
BE Justin Blackmon 4
BE Percy Harvin 9
BE Alex Green 1
BE Torrey Smith 3
BE Daniel Thomas 2
BE Isaiah Pead 1
BE Denarius Moore 2
Total: 200

Assumed Strategy:
Starter Heavy Balanced Budget
Pros: Some High Octane
Young Talent.
Cons: Some young talent repeat
performancs from 2011 a concern
Overall Grade: A-
Team Boom or Bust
QB Michael Vick 23
RB Matt Forte 28
RB Darren McFadden 24
WR Hakeem Nicks 22
WR Roddy White 32
TE Tony Gonzalez 4
FLEX Jordy Nelson 15
D/ST Giants D/ST 1
K Mason Crosby 2
BE Miles Austin 12
BE Ahmad Bradshaw 12
BE Jay Cutler 7
BE DeAngelo Williams 2
BE Isaac Redman 2
BE Fred Davis 5
BE Danny Amendola 9
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Assumed Strategy:
Deep Balanced Attack
Pros: Very Deep Solid Team
Top to Bottom.
Cons: INJURY Prone players

Overall Grade: B+

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The Value of A Mock Draft
Team Bombs Away
QB Cam Newton 31
RB Chris Johnson 46
RB Jamaal Charles 23
WR Larry Fitzgerald 36
WR Vincent Jackson 14
TE Antonio Gates 14
FLEX Shonn Greene 11
D/ST Bears D/ST 2
K Rob Bironas 1
BE Marques Colston 16
BE Mike Goodson 1
BE Shane Vereen 1
BE Darrius Heyward-Bey 1
BE Titus Young 1
BE Mario Manningham 1
BE Rueben Randle 1
Total: 200

Assumed Strategy:
Balanced Budget / Starter Heavy
Pros: High Horsepower Starting
Cast. Very Intriguing Team
Cons: Risky Player Selection:
Newton, CJ, JC, VJ

Overall Grade: B+
Team Kenny Rodgers
QB Aaron Rodgers 54
RB LeSean McCoy 59
RB Roy Helu 10
WR Dwayne Bowe 12
WR DeSean Jackson 15
TE Rob Gronkowski 32
FLEX James Starks 6
D/ST Seahawks D/ST 1
K Jason Hanson 1
BE Santonio Holmes 2
BE Josh Freeman 1
BE Reggie Wayne 3
BE Toby Gerhart 1
BE Coby Fleener 1
BE Terrell Owens 1
BE Brandon Jacobs 1
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Assumed Strategy:
The Gambler
Pros: A Rodg. Mccoy & Gronk
Could be nasty if others produce
Cons: Sure hope the other guys
contribute. To Much Uncertainty
Overall Grade: B
Team A Little Rice Rice Brady
QB Tom Brady 54
RB Ray Rice 66
RB Marshawn Lynch 27
WR Anquan Boldin 4
WR Pierre Garcon 2
TE Brandon Pettigrew 4
FLEX Brent Celek 1
D/ST 49ers D/ST 5
K Matt Bryant 1
BE Eagles D/ST 4
BE Michael Bush 14
BE Alex Smith 3
BE Andy Dalton 4
BE Nate Washington 1
BE Nate Kaeding 1
BE Randy Moss 1
Total: 192
Remaining: 8

Assumed Strategy:
The Gambler
Pros: Rice & Brady
Cons: Celek as your flex spells
toilet bowl.
Overall Grade: C-

Overall Summary:
It was a good draft. Yes there
were some questionable picks as
usual but in the end I really think
that everyone made some good
choices and some bad choices
and as always the people who
made more good choices will
be the ones who will win. After
viewing how all of these drafted
teams turned out it is really hard
to pick a strategy that is a for
sure the best choice. It is very
tempting to land a threesome
like A rodg McCoy & Gronk
but in the same token depth
usually wins in the long run. I 
hate to grade others 
performance in a FUN ESPN
league but it is just my honest 
opinion of how their team turned
out. And on a final note....
It just kills me to see people end 
these drafts with cash so I made
sure to deduct for extra cash.

Love Yours Truly.