Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 Fantasy Football Players to Target Late in Your Draft

  As 2012 fantasy football drafts are in full swing I wanted to take a minute and share some players that I think you should target heading into your last minute draft. Many inexperienced owners take the final rounds of their drafts too lightly by just grabbing old veteran players as back ups, when they instead should be targeting lesser known players with higher upsides. So below are 5 Guys in this years draft (some stars & some rookies) that I feel you need to take a shot at later in your drafts for their possible upside this year:

- David Wilson - New York Giants - RB - ADP = 103. Why: David Wilson is currently backing up and mixing in with Ahmad Bradshaw in New York. He has had a pretty good preseason and Bradshaw has already been dinged up. Remember that Ahmad Bradshaw is injury prone which could truly lead to a hay day for Wilson who has been impressing coaches this preseason. So make sure to keep an eye out for Wilson in the 8 or 9th round of your drafts.
Draft Wilson Instead of: Robert Meachem, Santonio Holmes, Jacob Tamme

- Stephen Ridley - New England Patriots - RB - ADP = 73.  Why: Stephen Ridley has the opportunity to be the lead back on one of the most powerful offenses in the NFL. Yes I know coach William loves to rotate backs in and out but I really think that if Ridley catches on this year he can jump into the top 15-20 RBs and you will find yourself a gold jem at pick #73. Still doubting? Check out preseason game 3.
Draft Ridley Instead of: Isacc Redman, Donald Brown, Vincent Jackson

- Shonn Greene - New York Jets - RB - ADP = 66. Why:  Tony Sparano... If Greene has a moment where it is his time to shine it is now. His OC loves the run and he should have the opportunity  again this year to step up while the spotlight is on QB - T__m  T_b_w. 
Draft Ridley Instead of: Isacc Redman, Donald Brown, The Law Firm Ben Jarvis, Beanie Wells

- Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts - WR - ADP = 80  Why: A rookie quarterback needs a veteran who he can depend on and for Andrew Luck that is Mr. Wayne. I truly think this is a bounce back year for Reggie.  SO when everyone else keeps him off their list make sure to snake him up. Don't believe me? Check out the preseason games they have played together, Reggie has been Mr. Lucks go to guy. 
Draft Wayne Instead of: Pierre Garcon, Vincent Jackson

- Rashard Jennings- Jacksonville Jaguars - RB - ADP = 123. Why: See MJD Hold Out. Coach already named him the starter Week 1. The kid can run and hopefully he can shine in the absence on MJD.
Draft Jennings Instead of: All of the above.

How about you? Do you have any late round sleepers? or even better prove why my picks suck. Thanks for checking in.