Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips Summary @Jakaz22

  As the 2012 Fantasy Football Season is just weeks away, I wanted to make sure and summarize my 2012 Auction Draft Tips Series, giving you enough time to take this information and prepare for your fantasy football auction draft.

 Lets begin...
- Tip #1: Find the Right Auction Values - Pretty simple straight forward tip. Just make sure to find a auction value sheet that matches your leagues team size and scoring settings. You can find a customizable cheat sheet on our Auction Drafts Page.

- Tip #2: Do Research but Don't Over Research - Obviously you are doing your research because you found this article but take this tip seriously. It is a great idea to read a bunch of articles and tips heading into your auction draft but this tip was mainly focused on player research. Too much player research will cause you to over think players and receive contradictory views on players and potentially spoiling your sleepers.

- Tip #3: Own The Draft - The most successful auction drafters usually have a couple things in common, they have a game plan heading into the draft, they trust their rankings, they adjust their rankings during the draft and they are usually the ones who own the draft.

 - Tip #4: Creating Your Auction Draft Budget - Your pre-auction budget is probably the most important tool that you need to prepare before heading into your auction draft. No I do not have an economics major but I sure as heck know that by laying out your auction draft budget in front of you this will help you visualize where your money is going and how far your money has to last you.

 - Tip #5 Spend All of Your Money - Wasting $10 on your kicker does not count. This tip helps you remember to spend all of your available money. Yes saving some cash for late sleepers is great idea but make sure to not leave any money left on the table when bidding for your favorite guys.

  In summary I truly hope that these tips helped you get a better understanding of the preparation needed to master your upcoming fantasy football auction draft. Oh I almost forgot.... the most important tip of all, drum roll please.... make sure to Have Fun. Enjoy this time with your friends, family, co-workers and all other who you are playing with because in the end it is just a game.