Friday, August 2, 2013

Top 3 Tips for First Time Fantasy Football Players

So you signed up for your first fantasy football league and now your searching trusty GOOGLE for some tips. Well your in the right place. Below are my Top 3 Tips for First Time Fantasy Football Players that can help you master your first draft. 

Tip #1 Understand your league settings and scoring systems.

Before you google anything else. Go to your league website and find the league settings and scoring page. This page can be found on the homepage of your league site. 
Once there look for the following:
Number of teams in the league: This is important because you need to know many players from each position will be on each team. Example: If you are in a 12 team league you should understand that 12 QB's will be needed so you need to focus your ranking system on those 12 guys. Make sure that your player ranking system matches your league.
Roster Size: Knowing how many starters and bench players you need is very important because throughout the draft you will need to be focusing on the players left and the roster positions that you need to fill.
Scoring Breakdown: Understanding how your league will score your weekly games is one of the most important things to do prior to your draft.
Important categories include: PPR = will your WR's & RB's get points per reception, QB Throwing TD points = will your QB rewarded 6 or 4 points per throwing touchdown. The QB TDs scoring set up is very very important because the QB value increases greatly if set at 6 points per throwing touchdown.
Special Teams Scoring: Will your WR or RB get credit for special team touchdowns? If so then guys like Percy Harvin and Reggie Bush (if returning punts this year) will carry more value.
Keeper Rules:  If you are in a keeper league you need to understand what value carries over from your players.

Tip #2 Prepare for the draft

After you understand your league rules and settings you need to take some time and prepare yourself for the draft.

1- Find a good player ranking sheet that matches your league settings. There are a ton of ranking sheets out there: PPR, KEEPER, DYNASTY, 12 Team, 10 Team... so try and find the one that matches your league and if all else fails just use the standard ranking sheet from Fantasy
2- Learn your draft position. See if your draft position is already selected by your league commissioner or if it will be randomly done before the draft. 
3- Mock, Mock, Mock. This will set you up for success. By understanding your draft position you can take your rank sheet and practice drafting. Some of you are laughing right now saying "practice fantasy football drafting??? Ha ha nerd" but for real you need to do a mock draft before your first fantasy football draft. This will give you the confidence needed heading into the draft. are you still chuckling...? Then read The Value of a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Tip #3 Have Fun. 

Fantasy football is all about watching football and having fun. No matter how much you prepare yourself for the draft there still is a lot of Andrew "Luck" involved. Yes, preparation is a must but you also need to remember that it is still a "Fantasy"game. 

Quick Tips that I didn't want to forget...

- When in doubt take the best player available on your player ranking list.
- Do not draft a kicker or defense until the last two rounds.
- Don't ask anybody in your league their opinion.
- Don't show people your ranking sheet.
- Make sure to laugh really loud every couple picks to make people feel stupid. (just kidding)
- again have fun!

If you have any fantasy football questions find me on Google+ and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Also join our fantasy football community

BY: +Jason Kaz