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The Official 2-QB Guide 2012 - By John Fortes

The Official 2-QB Fantasy Football Guide 2012

    I’m back for a fourth year at this 2-QB ten team league that I participate in each year. I’m here to tell you exactly what I’ve been saying for the last hmm 3 years that I’ve been doing this that it is vitally important to draft 2 QB’s right off the top. TRUST ME ON THIS. First let me give you the scoring breakdown of the league I participate in (excluding the defense and kicking). Our league gives 6 points for each touchdown, passing, rushing, or receiving. One point for every 20 yards thrown, one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving, and one point per reception. A few years ago we didn’t have PPR incorporated in our league and I never valued the WR position. Since we added the PPR it has given value to WR. I would argue that you could issue 0.5 points per reception if you are reluctant on the 1 point in this new NFL.

OK, OK, enough with the scoring and let’s break down the draft strategy. Last year I drafted first overall and this year I’m drafting tenth overall (reminder: ten team league). Last year I walked out the draft with Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, and Eli Manning (5th round) as my QB’s. My draft strategy is the same. Pick the 2 top ranking QB’s when I am on the clock. I don’t care who I leave on the board. I don’t value any other position higher than QB and here’s why.

RB top 2 rankings (subject to change):
Arian Foster - 370
Ray Rice - 349
Listed above beside the players name are the projected stats that are subject to change from now till the season opener according to my league settings. Then there is a significant drop off from the top 2 RB’s compared to the rest of the field including LeSean McCoy who is projected at 322 (you can argue him into this conversation if you like, still wouldn’t draft him above Phillip Rivers).

QB rankings (subject to change):
Aaron Rodgers – 490
Drew Brees – 487
Tom Brady – 475
Matthew Stafford – 434
Cam Newton – 418
Tony Romo – 364
Eli Manning – 364
Matt Ryan – 340
Michael Vick – 340
Peyton Manning – 334
Phillip Rivers – 325
Ben Roethlisberger - 322
Matt Schaub – 319

Not much of a drop off from the top 3 RB’s that are slated to go top 3-5 in standard drafts right? Now you’re probably thinking that you can probably get away with drafting one of those top 10 QB’s and scramble for one later right? Listen closely as to why you already failed the draft if you do so. The object of the fantasy football is to outscore EVERYTHING, from week to week head to head to being the highest scoring team at the end of the year. You can scramble for a RB and WR in rounds 3 and beyond and still outscore your league if you draft smart. Draft 2 top 10 QB’s and add their projected scoring together and you will outscore anyone with a top 10 QB and a top 5 RB, WR, or TE. Besides, what are the chances of someone being able to draft Rodgers and a top 3 RB anyways? Everyone drafts differently. Some will just take the best player available and build from there. Too many factors play into someone walking away with a cast such as Rodgers and Foster.
    If you plan accordingly and draft as I’ve stated above then you can walk away with a well rounded team. Do your homework on RB’s, WR’s and TE’s and have your rankings as YOU feel comfortable with a player. Gather as much info as you can to make better assessments for being able to steal a player late in the draft ala the sleepers. If you see a solid QB hanging around in the 5th or 6th round and you see no one is touching him, snag him for trade bait but use the excuse “I got to cover bye weeks.” You most likely will find a trade partner with a team that is in need of a QB and pry away a solid piece for your team. Go into your draft thinking value instead of need. Yea you could’ve drafted a WR that you needed but if you do your homework you can find someone later on and take away a QB from someone else. At the end you are trying to be the best team so if you have to gamble on an injury prone player later in the draft cause no one else is picking him then so be it. The upside could be great for your team. Besides, if you can tell me that the top 10 RB’s and WR’s always finish in the top 10 then I’d listen to anything you have to say about drafting someone other than a QB in the first 2 rounds. You can always find someone if you do enough research about a team/player. Got to remember not every system is for every player. You’re better off taking risk with other positions other than the QB because just like real life football, the QB is the most important player on the team.

In the 3 years prior John Fortes has been running 2-QB leagues he is a one time champion and a runner up in 2 of those years. This is the fourth year John is going to be participating in the 2-QB league. He only prefers 2-QB leagues over standard leagues due to the competitive edge it offers over standard leagues. He has been playing fantasy football in standard leagues since 2003.

John Fortes

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