Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PPR Mock Draft Analysis 3 Round @jkbeastie

So I (@jkbeastie) did my first 2012 fantasy football mock draft the other night. Now it was only the first 3 rounds but as you probablly know the first three rounds of any fantasy football draft are always the best.
Now this draft was for a standard PPR (Points Per Reception) league. So here are my thoughts on how the first three rounds went down.

Round 1:
Somehow I lucked out and got the first overall pick in the draft and I took Ray Rice. Now remember this is a PPR league, and in most other formats I would have gone with ether Arian Foster or LeSean McCoy and honestly any of the three are worthy of that top spot. The reason I took Ray Rice with the first overall pick is the number of pass attempts he gets and his durability. Now the second pick was Frank Gore and I completely disagree with this pick!!! He is on the down side of his carrier and injury prone. He would have been a good pick late in the 3rd round or maybe the fourth round but a terrible pick at number two overall. The rest of the round went pretty much as I thought it would, with all the top dogs going right away.
1) Ray Rice
2) Frank Gore
3) Arian Foster
4) LeSean McCoy
5) Aaron Rodgers
6) Calvin Johnson
7) Maurice Jones Drew
8) Ryan Matthews
9) Larry Fitzgerald

10) Matt Forte

Round 2:
Not much out of the ordinary here. I like Rob Gronkowski with the 11th pick overall. I thought he might go late in the first round, being that it's a PPR league.
Running backs still highly sought after in the second round, as 5 of the ten picks we RB's. I thought a few more wide receivers would have gone in this round but the RB's were starting to run thin and you don't want to be stuck without a solid running back in any league format, even if it's a PPR league. Now I did not take a running back in round two as most of the top backs were already taken by the time my pick came around. So I went for the best available WR with this pick and took Roddy White. I would have liked to see Darren Mcfadden fall a few more picks so I could have picked him up but what can you do.
1) Rob Gronkowski
2) Chris Johnson
3) Adrian Peterson
4) Jimmy Grahm
5) Trent Richardson
6) Wes Welker
7) Darren Mcfadden
8) Darren Sproles
9) Cam Newton
10) Roddy White

Round 3:
So round 3 comes right back to me with the first pick and I take Tom Brady. Now I could have gone with another wide receiver but WR's are deep this year and the top four WR's have already been taken. So at this point I have Ray Rice, Roddy White and Tom Brady. Each of these players are top 5 at their positions and vary dependable players to base your team around. So overall I was pretty happy with how the first three rounds turned out. If we would have continued with the draft I would have probably targeted a RB with my next pick but it's hard to say that for sure as you never know who people are going to take. I think we found that out with the number two pick over all. Frank Gore Ha Ha!!

1) Tom Brady
2) Andre Johnson
3) Jamaal Charles
4) Brandon Marshall
5) Demarco Murray
6) Drew Brees
7) Stephen Jackson
8) Matt Stafford
9) Marshawn Lynch
10) AJ Green

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