Tuesday, July 31, 2012

@iamjasonkaz Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips: Tip #4

Auction Draft Tip #4: Creating Your Auction Draft Budget

  Once you have done your research and you have your auction value player list in hand, the next step is to create yourself a draft budget. This draft budget is very important because it will help you create your draft strategy and also give you a vision of your potential team with your draft strategy. The first thing I do when creating a draft budget is list out my roster including starters and bench spots. 


  By laying out your budget in front of you this helps you visualize where your money is going and how far your money has to last you. Depending on the Auction Drafts strategy you decide: The Gambler or  Balanced Budget you now need to fill in the above with your expected budget. For every position I would list about 2-3 players in that budget range and those are the players that you are going to target to execute your draft plan.

Example of a Balanced Budget Approach
QB: 20% = $40 (Options.. Stafford= $42 newton = $28 e. manning= $24)
RB: 20% = $40 (Options.. Ryan Matthews= $43,  Matt Forte = $35 Lynch = $37)
RB: 15% = $30 (Options.. Murray = $30,  Matt Forte =$35,  Charles $27) 
WR: 15%= $30 (Options.. Nicks = $26, Green = $25, Welker = $32)
WR: 10%= $20 (Brant = $17, Nelson = $17, Jones $19)
TE: 5% = $10 ( Witten = $9, Davis = $10)
D: .5% = $1
K:.5% = $1 
BENCH:  4% = $8 (List your sleepers here)
BENCH: 4% = $8 (List your sleepers here)
BENCH: 2.5% = $5 (List your sleepers here)
BENCH: 2.5% = $5 (List your sleepers here)
BENCH: 1% = $2 (List your sleepers here) 

In summary by laying out your fantasy football auction draft budget you give yourself a vision of your team and you can react with confidence as the fantasy football auction drafting begins. As always thank you for reading. And stay tuned for the 5th and final auction draft tip.

By: +Jason Kaz 

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