Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips: Tip #2 - @iamjasonkaz

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips: 

Tip #2 Don't Over Research or Over Think Your Auction Draft

  One common mistake often made by fantasy football players is over researching and over thinking the
draft. Figuring out auction draft values and your draft plan is very important, although like everything else in life too much can be a bad thing. It is really easy to get all excited about fantasy football and over due your research.
  So my advice to you leading up to your 2013 fantasy football auction draft is to know your auction values, know some potential sleepers and make a black list of players you do not want.  Limit yourself to a few quality sources. This will help you remain consistent in your rankings and player values but also remove the contradicting opinions many experts have.
  About a week before your draft make sure you update your auction values according to any recent news that may have broke. I also recommend doing an update the night before your draft in case of any last minute injury or player news. Last year for instance the big news was Ryan Matthews breaking his clavicle on the first play of preseason. This was huge because he was ranked in the Top 5 so most likely any fantasy football magazine that you purchased pre-draft would still have him ranked in the top 5. A great source for up to date NFL player news is: 
This website will be part of our +Fantasy Football Beasthouse 2013 Fantasy Football Helpful Tools.
  The second half of this tip is focused on not over thinking the auction draft. Often times good fantasy football minds end up with sucky teams because they over think the draft. Auction drafting is VERY exciting but don't get caught up in the little mind games or trying to get someone to over spend. Be focused and simply believe in your strategy. Stay tuned for more tips!

by: +Jason Kaz