Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips: Tip #1 - @iamjasonkaz

Tip #1 Find the RIGHT Auction Values 

Fantasy Football Player Dollar ValuesFinding the correct auction values for your 2013 fantasy football auction draft league is a simple yet often over looked auction draft tip. Your player dollar value ranking sheet should be the most accurate list you can find. When I say accurate, I mean the player list you choose needs to be formatted to your league set up and scoring system. There are so many variables that can effect these rankings including: PPR, Throwing TD Points, Roster Size, Bench Size, Number of teams in your league and all of these plus more need to be taken into consideration if you truly want to find an accurate ranking sheet.  offers a great tool to get you started and to help you create a custom auction value player draft sheet for your league. Check it out here: So at the minimum with this tool you can adjust your player values to the amount of teams in your league and your auction budget which will help you greatly. Again I know this is a very basic tip but take it seriously and adjust your ranking sheet to your league settings and as the 2013 season continues to creep closer I will dig deeper and deeper into my bag of Tricks and offer some serious tips to help you win your auction league draft! 

Other 2013 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Value Cheat Sheets: 

By: +Jason Kaz 

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