Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 Round Mock Draft - The Beasthouse Analysis @jakaz22

Well the first 2012 PPR Mock Draft is in the books for the Beasthouse Crew.
@jkbeastie and myself (@jakaz22) participated in our first "on air" 10 Team Mock draft along with some very reputable fantasy football minds including:

@fantasyguidelin - Who is the host on the Fantasy Feast . and also writes for . "I eat, drink and sleep fantasy sports."

@thefantasyprof - "We give the fantasy football owner more than just information and projections." http://thefantasyprofessor.com/
@FantasyNomad - "in between looking up stats, watching, & traveling to games, I host the Fantasy Nomad Show & 2 Guys & a Friggin Football Show for RotoInfo.com & FSWA member" check his website http://www.rotoinfo.com/

So make sure to follow those guys.

The draft was held and organized by The Fantasy Feast live on their blog talk radio show this past Monday night at 9pm CST. So to summarize this first mock draft of the year I have listed each player in the draft order below and made my own comments and thoughts on each pick. @jkbeastie had the honor of the number one pick (IN BLUE) and I had the much hated 5th overall pick (IN RED).

It will be 10 team, ppr league setting.
4 pts for Passing TD
1 pt for 25 passing yards
-2 for INT

1 pt for 10 rushing  and receiving yards
6 pts for rushing and receiving TD
1 pt per reception

Standard League Settings.

Pick by Pick Analysis 
Deep breathe... And there racing.

1- Ray Rice - Tough call to pass on Foster here but you cant go wrong with Rice Rice baby!
2- Frank Gore - Are you serious bro? no for real Frank Gore #2 PPR. Worst Pick of the draft #justsayin but I like your boldness.
3- Arian Foster - Steal to get Foster at #3. I expect big numbers from him again 
4- LeSean McCoy - Shady will have another great year Solid Pick.
5- Aaron Rodgers - Went With A Rodg to set myself apart. Could have take Megatron but preferred Rodgers for his consistency.
6- Calvin Johnson- Great value pick here. To Get Calvin this late in a PPR is a steal.
7- MJD - New coach - contract issues - MJD scares me this year.
8- Ryan Matthews - I like this pick alot. He is the man in SD and lets hope he can stay healthy.
9- Larry Fitzgerald - Solid pick here. He will get his in AZ. 
10- Matt Forte - As it stands now I would pass on Forte in the first round. Nobody likes a holdout - See Chris Johnson 2011. Greedy Running Backs.
11- Rob Gronkowski - I dont see a repeat in the stat column for gronk but I do like this pick because he is a freak of nature and will put up top numbers this year in the TE roster spot.
12- Chris Johnson - Good pick. Dude is a BEASTHOUSE and hopefully bounces back and we can see that gold grill smiling from the end-zone more often this year.
13- Adrian Peterson - Fantasy football championships are not one in the first two weeks of the season and AP will come back strong. I like the Ryan Matthews AP tandem. Looking good!
14- Jimmy Graham - BEATSHOUSE MAFIA. Jimmy will be Jimmy and be the #1 TE.
15- Trent Richardson - Risk 4 Reward. Hopefully T Rich can hold up to the hype and be the man in Cleveland.
16- Wes Welker- LOVE THIS PICK. this was a steal. He was targeted 173 times last year. In a PPR League Welker is a freak. 
17- Darren Mcfadden  - Another risk for reward. When and if D Mac Stays healthy he will be a monster.
18- Darren Sproles - I really like this pick. He will get his numbers on the ground and will also be a monster in PPR.
19- Cam Newton - Stud. I love his numbers on the ground but if I go QB here it is Brady for consistency.
20- Roddy White- Tough Pick here. after looking at it I would have gone Brandon Marshall because of the threat of Julio.
21- Tom Brady - It's Tom Brady.
22- Andre Johnson - He will bounce back this year and become top 10.
23- Jamaal Charles - Good pick and this could be the steal of the draft
24- Brandon Marshall - Awesome value here.
25- DeMarco Murray - Not so happy with my pick here but I needed a RB and I think DeMarco will be the future in Dallas. @JAKAZ22
26- Drew Brees - I like Drew coming back this year with a "us against the world" attitude and rockin it again.
27- Stephen Jackson - BeastHouse for real. Hopefully he still has some game in his work horse tank but I like this long haired freak of nature.
28- Matthew Stafford - Last year Mr Glass Shoulder stayed healthy and had a awesome year. Do it again and watch him remain worthy of this pick and a Top 5 Fantasy QB Option.
29- Marshawn Lynch - Solid RB and Seattle likes him as their guy.
30- AJ Green- More targets expected from the loss of Simpson and Caldwell so I like AJ this year.

Team Summary- And my grades.

#1  Ray Rice, Roddy White, Tom Brady (A) Tough to miss with these stallions running your squad

#2 Frank Gore, Cam Newton, Andre Johnson (C) Risky Business Here - There were better options 

#3 Arian Foster, Darren Sproles, Jamaal Charles (B+) Very Deep at RB could be lethal but 1 too many RBs for only 2 roster spots.

#4 LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Brandon Marshall (A+) Could be two top 5 R's and a Stud WR.
#5 Aaron Rodgers, Wes Welker, Demarco Murray (A-) Weak RB1 but top WR & QB

#6 Calvin Johnson, Trent Richardson, Drew Brees (A) Elite WR & QB with a RB with Huge Potential

#7 MJD, Jimmy Graham, Stephen Jackson - (B+) Solid Team but MJD Contract Issues a concern See Chris Johnson 2011.
#8 Ryan Matthews, Adrian Peterson, Matthew Stafford (A-) This grades holds true only if AP is back to normal by week 3 at the latest.

#9 Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch (B) Steady Eddy Team with Big Potential

#10 Matt Forte, Rob Gronkowski, AJ Green (B) If Gronk & Forte Perform Watch Out but an unhappy Forte downgrades this squad.

Think my grading scale sucks? Let me know about it. Make your own grades below.
Want to hear how it went LIVE make sure to listen to the full show about the mock draft below. A big thanks to @fantasyguidelin and the rest of the Sports City Crew for letting us participate.

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