Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football Handcuffs and Hookups Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2.  Hookups by: Rick Briggs Asylum Fantasy Football
  Hookups are fun if you hit on them. If you had the Brady/Moss hook up in 2007 where Randy caught 23 of Tom’s 50 TD passes, you still probably polish your championship trophy daily.  However, that is not the norm.  Sure, many guys had the Manning/Harrison hookup with success, but how about the guys who had Brady/Moss in 2008? Oops!  Not many guys saw it coming in 2007, but were looking for it in 2008 and drafted that hook up in enormous numbers.  The teams went down like the Titanic.  Moss’ TD count was cut by over half and Brady was gone in game 1, and that was two of your first three picks: guaranteed.  But there are those that love the hookup and here are my safest 2012 hookups to date:

Matt Stafford/Calvin Johnson – Not much more to say. If healthy, they are as lethal as they come.

Eli Manning/ Victor Cruz – Eli is going to throw it; Nicks is a bit iffy, and Cruz should be the main target.

Peyton Manning / Demaryius Thomas – I don’t like Thomas’ injury history, but I am ALL in with Manning. Thomas could have a big 3rd season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick/ Stevie Johnson – What, you say!?  Yes, I said it. Why? Because Johnson is a quality receiver, Buffalo gets into a lot of shootouts and you can get Fitzpatrick a lot later than those other guys, which makes this duo very doable. You can conceivably have your entire team before drafting Fitzpatrick whose ADP is like 12.05. Don’t forget…if you even knew to start with: Fitzpatrick played the last half of the season in 2011 with broken ribs. Buffalo should have sat him, but didn’t. So don’t look past these two if you habitually draft a QB late anyway. That could translate into a value based team.

Tom Brady / Wes Welker – Take them carefully though, because Welker isn’t a big TD machine with those two TEs in town.  Welker’s ADP is early third, while Brady is first round material. You have to think before grabbing this pair.

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Rick Briggs
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