Friday, May 18, 2012

The Value of a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

  When I first told my wife that I was participating in a mock draft for the upcoming fantasy football season just as I expected she straight up laughed at me. And rightfully so, because realistically anyone who does not understand fantasy football has the right to think that mock fantasy football drafts are a complete waste of time. I mean lets be honest from an outside perspective it looks like this...You are participating in a meaningless fake draft, to try and get a good idea about what your "fantasy" team may look like for the upcoming year. BUT that is where they are wrong. Mock drafts are extremely valuable for a couple of reasons.   This first and main reason why mock drafts are so valuable is for the first time fantasy football player. Mock drafts allow first time fantasy football players to get a feel of how drafts work including the speed, format and sign in process. By participating in mock drafts first time players will also get a good feel for what other strategies players or team owners may use. Now I know you can't take mock drafts to seriously because many times participants are only interested in the first 4-6 rounds of the draft and then they will auto pick the rest of the way screwing those who are trying to evaluate late round sleepers.
  Mock drafts are also very important to first time players especially if they know their draft position. Your draft position is important because doing multiple mock drafts you are able to pretty much tell what players will be available for you in your first and second round picks. This can be very beneficial because you can plan your 1st and 2nd picks and truly understand if someone falls to you and swoop them up right away. Having a good idea of your first and second round picks in your head can also allow you to focus on your 3,4and 5th round picks. Lets also not forget about nerves. I know a lot of you are like "NERVES" seriously who gets nervous for drafts but maybe its not nerves for you but excitement, jitters what ever you want to call it but mock drafts ease those emotions and offer a little more confidence when heading into the draft.
  Mock drafts can also be helpful for fantasy football veterans who could be taking the first leap into the auction style draft. Mock auction style drafts are very helpful because it gives the owners a chance to familiarize themselves with the drafting software and also with the bidding. Again you can not take the actual values of the players too seriously although you can get a good idea of how players are moving prior to the draft. Familiarizing yourself with the bidding can be extremely helpful because just like in a live auction you need to know your tools and how to use them to either bid up players and make fast bids if needed.
  Mock drafts can also be used as a tool to test your rankings against actual players. Some ranking sheets may be a little old and also if you see some players going earlier or later than your player ranking sheet then you may want to highlight that player and look up them up learn more about what is happening.
  All of the major fantasy football web sites gather a group of experts together and perform several mock drafts throughout the off season offering you great insight to their rankings. These mock drafts can offer you an up to date insight on what is happening in the NFL.

Beasthouse Mock Draft Helpful Tips:
  • Try to mock from the website your league is through 
  • Match your league settings with the mock settings: Teams in league / Rosters size
  • Do multiple mocks and accumulate findings.
  • Don't take them too serious
  • Check your rankings with actual mock draft picks
  • Research Expert Mock Drafts

In summary no matter who laughs or makes fun of you for participating in a fantasy football mock draft they are truly beneficial to your fantasy football season. Below are a list of some current fantasy football mock draft websites that you can use although you should try and do a mock on the same website as your league if possible.
ESPN Mock Draft Lobby-
Mock Draft Central

I want to hear from you.. Do you disagree? Agree? or do you have another site that offers mock drafts?

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