Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Does Andrew Luck Have Fantasy Football Value?

The answer varies:

10 Team League... Not really. Too many other experienced proven options out there available. Dont reach for him but maybe a back up flier if you have a deep bench and have a solid #1 QB.

12 Team League... Maybe. He would be a nice back up or match up starter that you know will get the snaps but the numbers, week in and week out will not be enough to make him a guy you want to target in the draft or rely on.

Keeper.... Yes. Andrew luck is the future of the Colts but is he the next Peyton Manning...? Lets just wait and see. But when talking fantasy football keepers you need to always be one year ahead of breakout guys. So Andrew Luck is a good guy to target late in the draft this year after you have a solid starting roster (minus your kicker and your Defense of course) because if you stash him on your bench it could pay dividends next year.

In summary Andrew Luck will have a steady first year in the league but rarely will you see him break into the top 10 of fantasy scoring QB's for the week. He is very highly spoken of by the experts so he has some value in the coming years but no need to reach this year.

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