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Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy: Balanced Budget

So let me guess... you have joined a fantasy football auction league and now you are on the Internet scrambling to find a strategy for the draft. I know how you feel...believe me a couple years ago I was in the same position and could not really find a quality source to break down strategies for me. So this post was created:

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy: Balanced Budget

The first step in this strategy is to understand your league settings and roster size. This is important because you need to know how many players you need to balance your money out to. In a standard Fantasy Football Auction Draft, yahoo has the default settings of:

$200 Draft Budget for a 16 Player Roster:
1- Quarterback
2- Running Backs
3- Wide Receivers
1- Tight End
1- Kicker
1- Defense / Special Team
7- Bench Spots (normally cut to 5)

Now that you have your roster size and your budget of $200 to fill that roster, the fun can begin. Next break down your starter positions which should be 1- Quarterback, 2- Running Backs, 3- Wide Receivers, 1- Tight End. As you noticed I did not include your defense or kicker because you should never spend more than $1-$2 on a defense or kicker that is unless you really want to cheer for a defense or Kicker. (*Random Draft Tip = If you really want a defense or kicker nominate them early for 1-2 dollars and force someone else to over pay if they want them.)
With your 7 highlighted players as starters we can break down the balance budget a little further. Using a simple 2011 Auction Value Cheat Sheet (10 Team) I will breakdown a balanced budget for you. Note that I mentioned the 10- team auction value ranking list because that is a vital number when finding an accurate ranking sheet because the values will be jacked up if you are using that in a 12 team draft. Got it. Good lets move on.

Lay out your top positions and break down the values:
QB (#1 = $49 #10 = $10) in the top 10
RB (#1 $59 #20 $16) in the top 20
RB (High $59 Low Value $16) in the top 20
WR (High $47 Low $7) in the top 30
WR (High $47 Low $7) in the top 30

WR (High $47 Low $7) in the top 30
TE (High $18 low $3) in the top 10

So what does the above jargon mean to you?
It helps you break down the highs and lows of the top players in that position with everyone in your league grabbing their starters. So out of the 10 quarter backs available the high end would be $49 for #1 Aaron Rodgers and $10 for #10 ranked QB Matt Ryan. This is important because you can understand where you can save some of your budget.  Next break down your budget. Here is an example of what a Balanced Budget prediction may look like using last years numbers and values...

QB $30 Budgeted amount could get you (Brady, Rivers, Romo)
RB $45 Budgeted amount could get you (Mendenhall, Turner, Gore,)
RB $25 Budgeted amount could get you (Forte, Williams, Bradshaw)
WR $35 Budgeted amount could get you (Nicks, C Johnson,) 

WR $15 Budgeted amount could get you (Britt, Wayne, Harvin)

WR $10 Budgeted amount could get you (Welker, Marshall, S Smith) 

TE $7 Budgeted amount could get you  (Daniels, Clark)
Top 7 spots = $167 of Budget  about 83% of your budget.
Remaining = $33 used to grab some sleepers and some steady eddie vets.

The best part about this fantasy football auction draft strategy is that you can slightly adjust your budget as the draft goes on. To utilize the balanced budget strategy you will need to show discipline but also be quick on your toes because you can adjust your budget as you spend more or less in each position. Fantasy Football Beasthouse calls this the balanced budget because you take your budget and break it down as follows: QB 15%, RB 35% WR 30% TE 3.5%  equaling 83% of your budget on your main scoring players.

Pros of a Balanced Budget in a Auction Draft

• You will have a balanced team
• Room for error because your other players should perform
• The budget allows you to know when you have money to spend and when to sit back and hold tight
• This budget also allows you to have some money left at the end to aggressively pursue sleepers that could become trade bait during the season.

Cons of a Balanced Budget in a Auction Draft

• No #1 Superstars
• Could be to balanced
• Easy to get to caught up in your budget and miss good buys
• Cant select guys you love. If they get out of price range let them go.

Advice using a Balanced Budget in a Fantasy Football Auction Draft

Set up your budget before your draft and be prepared to make quick adjustments with your numbers.
Do as I did above and list the players that are projected in your budget because then you will know who to target and how far to bid them up before you pass on them.
As you make your picks write the paid for dollar in your budget sheet and make adjustments. Meaning if you budgeted $30 for a QB and you got a great QB for 25 put that $5 into your second RB and move his budget from 25 to 30... See it all makes sense now right? If not hit me up on twitter @jakaz22 of find me on Google+ and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fantasy Football Expert Brad Evans Comment from Twitter:

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