Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Tim Tebow's Fantasy Value Heading into 2012

Is Tim Tebow worth picking up in this years draft?
The answer is NO! He will not be the starter and I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever drafted a backup QB in a fantasy football draft.  I think there are far more important positions to fill in your draft than selecting a backup QB hoping you can strike gold. However I do think he would be worth picking up on the waiver wire. If you do feel the need to pick him up in the draft I would not take him until the later rounds maybe round 10 or 11. If you are in an action style draft I would value him at 3 dollars, and my guess is you could probably get him for a $1.00
Overall Analysis: Take late and hope to get lucky.


Tim Tebow is a winner and the Jets want to win. I truly think that Tim Tebow will be steering the Jets ship by the end of 2012-2013 season. Bold Prediction yeah maybe but Tony Sparano was brought in to bring back the ground and pound style of offense to NY and what a better QB for that then Timmy Tebow. There is a chance that Mark Sanchez can step up under this pressure and become the QB the Jets have dreamed of.... oh wait no he cant.  As for Tim Tebows Fantasy Value..... Risk for reward. Tim Tebow is the back up QB right now and does not have that big of reward for you to go out on a limb and  reach for him on draft day if you already have a top 10 QB on your squad. By reaching for him to early in drafts you add more value to him than he is worth. Keep your eyes on him for a very very late round sleeper if you are in a keeper or dynasty league but make sure you cover your other back ups first. So looking ahead even if he is the starter in NY does he really creep into the top ten fantasy QB's? prob not. So let others reach for him early but if he is available very late in drafts sneak him up and stash.

Overall Analysis: Don't reach but take late & stash.