Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fantasy Football Impact of Vincent Jackson Signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Former San Diego Charger wide receiver Vincent Jackson has signed 5 Year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeah old news I know, but lets take a deeper look into this deal and a see how it affects his fantasy value. First off, Vincent Jackson is a great athletic wide receiver that can turn a standard 10 yard slant pass into a 80 yard score if given the opportunity. But there lies the issue. Opportunity...? ?

Is Tampa Bay really going to give Vincent the opportunity needed to become a top 10 Fantasy WR? and improve his fantasy value?

The answer is NO. Josh Freeman threw 22 interceptions last year and has done very little for me to think that he can bounce back and begin to feed a beast like Vincent the pigskin and allow him to get close to his numbers in the past. I like Vincent Jackson and I may be wrong on this call but I really think this hurts his value and see him having a slow start to his 5 year deal in 2012.
My prediction for Vincent Jacksons 2012 Year = 56 Receptions, 975 Yards, 6 Touchdowns. I think this move hurts his fantasy value and takes him outside the top 20.

Fun Facts to back me up...
Tampa Bay did not have a Receiver In the Top 40 in Total Yards in 2011.
Josh Freeman Stats from 2011 16 TDs, 22 Ints, 3592 yards - Nothing Exciting here.
Vincent Jackson 2011 Stats 60 Rec. 1106 Yards 9 tds. Which will be tough to beat his first year in Tampa.
He got his big deal.... does his work ethic and drive slow down???
New Team new playbook and scheme.

Fun Facts Why I may be wrong...
Brandon Marshall proved that a good WR and Bad QB will put up numbers if given the opportunity over and over.
Vincent is a beasthouse and owns Mike Williams so you can not compare last years stats. 
Tampa signed Vincent so that Freeman can comlete more deep passes and they want to get their 55 mill worth.  
Vincent ranked 6th last year in Avg Yards Per catch.

Keep in mind alot can happen from now until the start of the 2012 NFL season but as of right now I think this move hurts his fantasy value and he declines in production from last year.

Do you agree?

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