Sunday, September 4, 2011

Auction Draft Recap and Strategy 2011

This is a recap of my 2011 Auction Style Draft Recap. KEEPER LEAGUE
10 team - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE , 1 D, 1 K
QB Tony Romo 18
RB LeGarrette Blount 25
RB Mark Ingram 16
WR/TE Greg Jennings 36
WR/TE Miles Austin 26
WR/TE Vincent Jackson 36
D/ST Lions D/ST 1
K Mason Crosby 1
BE Shonn Greene 23
BE Mike Tolbert 2
BE A.J. Green 3
BE Pierre Thomas 4
BE Braylon Edwards 1
BE Willis McGahee 8
Total: 200
Remaining: 0
I went into this auction with the strategy of going after a couple specific big dog RB's but if their bid went higher than a certain $# I would default that strategy and go heavy after WR's. Vick was the first player off the board and was sold for $47. Although I have vick ranked #1 on my draft rankings, I wanted nothing to do with him for over $35 because in a 10 team league QB's are not worth the value. The first player I targeted was of coarse AP. The bids went up quick and he went past my $60 limit and got sold for $63. I only wanted him if he was a good deal but with this league based in MN there was no chance that was going to happen. So after AP went and some other notable RB's went for a little higher than I wanted, Tony Romo was nominated and was not getting much love so I decided to get in on the action. I got him for $18. I think that was my steal of the draft because look at what some other QB's went for : Aaron Rodgers 45, Ben Roethlisberger 26, Tom Brady 42, Philip Rivers 38.... Tony Romo was not on my radar before the draft or part of my strategy although I knew if I could get him for under $22 he would be a steal.
After I got Romo I told myself I would take $100 and get Three top Wr's because all of the top RB's we already taken. So I got Greg Jennings for $36, Miles Austin for $26, and Vincent Jackson for $36 = $98. Perfect . I was happy when I got those three.
 Next I needed to focus on stealing some second and third tier RB's. Blount came up and anything under $30 I would take him. I needed a good #1 back and he was in my eyes the best available. Compared to some other backs I feel I got a good deal for him. Here are some notables picks: Matt Forte 27,  LeSean McCoy 46, RB Steven Jackson 36 and I am betting that he will out perform all of them this year. Shonn Greene for $23 was next. He kind of scares me but I know Rex Ryan wants him to be the guy this year so for $23 I think he will do for my #2.
My next thoughts were to get another back I could throw in the mix in case either of the previous backs choke this year. So I grabbed a flyer on Mark Ingram and paid $16 for him. When I grabbed him I knew I needed frenchy as well so I made sure to get Pierre a couple rounds later.
My strategy as the draft closed was to keep about $15 extra so when everyone was on their last dollars and trying to sneak guys in I could out bid them and they could do nothing about it because their lack of funds. BUT... as you can see I had money left over and bought Willis McGahee for $8 when nobody could have paid $3 for him. I did it so I did not look like the idiot with money left on the table at the end of the draft. BUT the truth is Willis is going to be a TD stealing beast this year and I think the $8 is worth it.
Thoughts on my other picks:
BE Mike Tolbert $2---- $2 for a goal line back on a sick team. Good Value
BE A.J. Green $3 ----- $3 for Green in a keeper league is a MUST
BE Pierre Thomas $4----- Ingram made this pick a must.
BE Braylon Edwards $1----- He has the talent to be a stud but who knows i figured why not a buck.
Other notable picks:
WR/TE Roddy White 47
WR/TE Andre Johnson 47
QB Peyton Manning 24
QB Drew Brees 31
RB Chris Johnson 52- no contract at time of auction.
RB Peyton Hillis 23

In summary I am pretty happy with my team although you never know until they start playing. I hope that this information is helpful.

What do you think of my team? Post your auction team....