Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second Chances

So with the season fast approaching and many people starting to plan their Fantasy Football Drafts, I find myself wondering if players like Plexico Burress, Tiki Barber, and even Randy Moss are worth the risk of drafting in standard fantasy football leagues. That is only if they get picked up at all. Now with that being said I think Plexico and Ran-Dizzle Moss will have no problems getting picked up by an NFL team. Tiki on the other hand might have trouble finding a team even in the Arena Football League. I just don't see it worth the risk of picking up a player who has been retied since 2006 when you have much younger RB's to choose from. Now I know some of you are thinking Plex is going to come back and do the same thing as Vick but you have to look at what team he goes to, who the QB is and what his role is going to be. If he gets picked by a team with a top ten QB, I would say he is worth drafting in the 7-9th round and for you auctioneers with a $200.00 budget no more than $17.00. As for Randy I think he will be back to his old self, not the old self from 2006 but I believe he will have a bounce back year and be a solid #2 receiver for your team. And Sorry Tiki I have no value for you in any of my leagues no matter how deep the league, do us all a favor and stay retired.