Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What NOT to do in Your Fantasy Football Auction Style Draft 2013

As the days, hours, and even seconds are being counted down on fantasy football leagues across the nation, fantasy football beasties like myself are hitting up google searching for tips, tricks and hints on how to become the GURU of their league and of their draft. So I decided begin a three part series of Fantasy Football Draft Day Tips. I will begin sharing some mistakes to avoid in an auction style fantasy football draft.

#1 Mistake: Reading TOO MUCH. Although I enjoy you reading and following +Fantasy Football Beasthouse , I suggest you find 1 or 2 quality sources for your information and stick to their teachings and information. I highly recommend +FFToolbox.com and +Todd McDannell who are two legit trusted fantasy football sources. Years ago I thought, the more information I crammed in my small little brain the better but that I found was not true. I knew almost ever position battle, sleeper and busts that the experts could list but in the end I found alot of contradictory information which lead me astray on draft day.

#2 Mistake: Letting Others Control the Draft. The best part of an auction style draft is the control that it gives you in selecting your team. You have a budget and with that budget you are in control of who you want on your team. The moment other people in your league start out bidding you and messing with you, that control is given right back to them. Be prepared in an auction style draft with your top targeted guys and the highest amount you are willing to pay for them and be flexible. If you have $65 budgeted for your Running Back #1 position in Adrian Peterson and he starts going to $67 or $68 make the next bid but make sure not to push it to far over that budgeted amount because that is when mistakes happen. So be flexible and be okay with letting go if AP goes for over $70 and save your money for Arian Foster for $15 dollars less. So be prepared with back up options and don't let others control you.

#3 Mistake: Over Valuing Pre Draft Values. Like any other auction, items (in our case NFL players) are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. So when looking at predraft rankings understand that the values are great for estimated value but keep in mind that your league may not have the same scoring or roster set up as the experts use to rate the players. So my recommendation is to have a value sheet next to you in the draft but also be wise and use your judgement on how players are being valued.

#4 Mistake: EXTRA MONEY! Do not be that guy who is left with 5-10 bucks left in his account. Think about it... 5-10 dollars is the difference between a 1st and a 2nd tier running back. Make sure you spend wisely but also know that your bench can always be improved by adding Free Agents after the draft  so be more aggressive on your starters leaving you with exactly enough to pick up a kicker and D for a dollar or two.

Do you have any tips or mistakes to share about auction style drafts? Leave a comment below.
By: +Jason Kaz