Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fantasy Football WR Rankings @jkbeastie Top 10

1- Calvin Johnson
With a healthy Mathew Stafford at the wheel I expect nothing but big numbers.
2- Andre Johnson
With Arian Foster in the backfield and M. Schaub throwing him the ball I can only feel sorry for the opposing teams. I see record numbers for Johnson this year.
3- Roddy White
This guy makes it look easy!  He'll put up the same numbers as always.
4- Hakeem Nicks 
I can't say I have as much confidence in Nicks as the first two WR I named but don't be fooled he will cause Big trouble in little china!
5- Dwayne Bowe
After what he did last year, it's hard not to rank him higher but when you look who's up there I think you'll understand
6- Larry Fitzgerld 
If the rumors are true and Keven Kolb goes to the cardinals. I see Larry having a huge comeback year and once aging being at the top on your list for players for next year.
7- Miles Austin 
With all the talent on this Dallas team and a healthy Romo I expect nothing less then being a top five WR. 
8- Greg Jennings 
The dude just won a super bowl. What else can you say. 
9- DeSean Jackson
A little to cocky for his own good but when your that good! I think it would be hard not to be cocky. 
10- Mike Wallace
This guy is fast and when you have wheels like this guy and put some glue on his hands, watch out.