Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fantasy Football WR Rankings @j_a_kaz Top 10

1- Calvin Johnson
Calvin had a Top 5 year in 2010 with 12 TD's and 1120 yards all with a quarterback who's rating was a poor 81.3. If you read my QB rankings you will know that I have high expectations for the Stafford to Johnson connection so I see Calvin finishing the 2011 year on top.
2-Andre Johnson
Do not let the 2010 stats fool you, Andre was playing on a bum ankle missing three games but yet still finished with 80+ catches 1200+ yards and 8 TDs. Look for Andre to bounce back in a BIG way this year.
3- Roddy White
FYI 2010 stats= 179-Targets (league leader) 115- Catches (league leader) 10 TD's .. With a maturing Matty Ryan, Hot Rod will continue to get his.
4- Hakeem Nicks
Believe It! and if you didnt know Nicks is the Man in NY. He is the real deal. Eli likes him in the red zone and rumor has it he has added a little juice to the pipes in the off season. Look for him to increase yards this year and go 10+ on TD's again.
5- Vincent Jackson
He is back and will be back with something to prove. HUGE bounce back year for this cat. Target the rivers+jackson combo this year and you could easily have yourself a SHIP.
6- Greg Jennings
GJ is a catch 22: he is on a potent offense but he is also the #1 on a potent offense with alot of options around him. I like GJ to have another good year and if you dont remember he went for 1200+ yrds and had 12 tds on that same potent offense. 
7- Larry Fitzgerld
COME ON SIGN KOLB ALREADY. If Kolb goes to AZ Fitz is a Top 7 WR if not drop him. JK but i would prefer him. BUT if Kolb does make his was to sunny AZ watch out the desert could be blazing with the new hottest tandem in the NFL.
8- Mike Wallace
3rd Year Star. His speed sets him apart. If rothy can stay out of the night clubs Mikey will be sitting pretty come year end maybe even a top 5 guy. Then again Pit is a run first offense. I like MW upside this year.
9- Miles Austin
I dislike this guy ever since I passed on him in all of my leagues when he absolutely blew up two years ago. ALthough I think with a healthy Romo this guy can put up some numbers but watch out for a sneaky Dez who could steal some spotlight in the Red Zone.
10- Dwayne Bowe
I just hope he comes to play again this year. I like the chemistry he has with Cassel