Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Weekly Payout Options

Looking to Spice up your Fantasy Football League on a Weekly Basis?
Try Weekly Payouts.

In both of my leagues we offer weekly payouts for a couple of reasons but mainly to keep owners more  involved on a weekly basis and also to add a little more excitement to the league. Weekly payouts are great because even if you are 0-6 through week 6 you still have a chance in the remaining weeks to win a little something back to make up for your crappy draft or run of bad luck. Weekly payouts in your fantasy league also give you reason to watch the Sunday and Monday night games even if you do not have any guys going because you may still want to watch and cheer against any other players that may take away your potential weekly payouts.

The Negatives-
-More work for the commissioner: Issuing more checks and taking the time each week to figure out the winners.
-League Fees Increase: Most likely your league will have to increase the league entry fee because most owners will not want to take from the end of the year pot.

Below is a list of some great weekly payout ideas:
  • High Team Total Score
  • High Individual Player Score
  • Largest Margin of Victory
  • Most Consecutive Wins Streak Bonus (Season Long)
  • Most Total Points (Season Long)
Do you have any ideas? Please share your ideas below.

By: +Jason Kaz