Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantasy Football RB Rankings @jkbeastie Top 10

1. Adrian Peterson
With this season being a contract year for AP and now adding Donovan McNabb I see record numbers for AP.  Can you say 3,000 yards!!
2. Chris Johnson
He is one of the funnest RB's to watch these days. You never know when he will bust the long one. Always has you on the edge of the chair.
Still waiting to see him and Usain Bolt go head to head. 
3. Arian Foster
Lets hope he doesn't have the sophomore slump! I don't think their's anything to worry about here.
The guy is a beast and at the Beasthouse we like our running backs to be a beast!
4. Maurice Jone-Drew
He's defiantly is not the fastest guy in my top ten but he is a TD machine. Now I know he only had 5 TD's last season and it was a down year
but he should bounce back and double the number of TD's as last year.
5. Ray Rice
He can do a little of everything. Weather it's running for a TD or catching a TD. He's a lot like Brian Westbrook.
Now will he be getting the goal line carries? I don't know but with the departure of Willis McGahee his chances should go up.
6. LeSean McCoy
This guy get's better every year and I don't see his numbers falling this year! He can catch the ball and when he see's daylight it is tough to catch him. He has great vision and can make something out of nothing.
7. Michael Turner
I'm not a big fan of Turner but their's not doubt he is a Beast. He does have some issues with injures
8. Jamaal Charles
This guy could easily end up as a top 5 five back, once the year is all said and done. With him D. Bowe and M. Cassel all in their second year together this team could be dangerous.
9. Darren McFadden
Now I thought he was going to be the next AP with all the hype around his rookie year but injures held him back. Last year their were glimpses of what he is capable of doing. I do expect his numbers to be up from last year but until he gets on a better team this is as high as he gets.
10. Steven Jackson
Now I've picked this guy up the last two years thinking he will be a TD machine, that is not the case!! and you can't blame him. It's the team he's on. I keep telling myself this team is going to be better and he will score a ton of TD. Now that will probably happen this year when I don't pick him up but he is a Beast and will put up consistent points for you.