Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantasy Football RB Rankings @j_a_kaz Top 10

1- Adrian Peterson
I am expecting AP to get back to his 300+ touches this year. Expect 1400+ yards on the ground and maybe McNabb can teach AP a little something from the Westbrook playbook about catching more passes out of the backfield.
2-Arian Foster
IN 2010 he had 327 touches for 1616 yards which avgd 4.9 per carry. He is a beast. I expect the same kind of numbers this year.
3- Chris Johnson
Pay the man already. Hopefully he gets his contract worked out and all is well in Titan town because the upgrade at QB position it only helps CJ. He will hit 300+ touches and remain a top tier back.
4- Ray Rice
Rice Rice Baby. With TD stealer Willis McGahee gone, I see Ray Rice moving up the fantasy ranks this year to a solid Top 5 Back. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield has a huge upside and I am willing bank he will get his chances in the red zone this year.
5- Jamaal Charles
He is just fun to watch. His speed and big play ability makes up for his small size.  Hopefully the Chiefs let him loose this year! oh and his 6.4 Yards per carry is just nasty.
6- Rashard Mendenhall
A #1 running back on a run first offense is never a bad mix. He scores alot but lacks a little on the total yards. He will have another solid year. 7-Maurice Jones-Drew 
He needs to find the endzone more frequently this year but he did have 1,324 yards in only 14 games.
8- Michael Turner
Turner may be on the decline but he still gets 300+ a year and his 12 touchdowns keep him in the top 10.
9- LeSean McCoy 
 With all the focus on Michael Vick, LeSean slips under a lot of radars. He is very quick and catches alot of ball out of the backfield. Plus he had 9 TD's last year total.

10-Stephen Jackson
Beasthouse. Plain and Simple this guy is a Beasthouse. With a better offense he would be a top 3 back.