Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fantasy Football QB Rankings @jkbeastie Top 10

1. Aaron Rogers - This one hurts me to say as I'm a Vikings fan but he's got a canon for an arm and can put the ball wherever he wants to. Somehow always has good receivers and the dude just won the super bowl. Oh he can also run the ball too. 
2. Michael Vick - Dude has the whole package, He can destroy you from the air or from the ground. He can scramble, has good vision and a group of young talented receivers.

3. Tom Brady - He is still the man!! I don't think anyone has the drive and fire as he.

4. Drew Brees - Can you say Air Assault? I’m pretty sure 90% of the plays are passing the ball, or maybe it just seems that way.  Sean Payton and Brees are dangerous together.
5. Peyton Manning- Mr. consistent, he can make almost any receiver look great and when you have a stud like R Wayne with great secondary receivers. He easily makes my top 5, even with off-season surgery. 

6. Phillip Rivers- The machine! With one of the greatest tight end to ever play the game and Vincent Jackson, he can pretty much throw the ball in the air and one of them will catch it. 
7. Tony Romo- He was my QB last year and would not hesitate to pick him up again. He is only going to get better with the big 3 at his side. If you’re not sure who the big 3 are you should not be reading this. 

8. Matt Schaub- He can be a little up and down but when he is up, him and A. Johnson will tare you apart. He also has a great RB to take some of the pressure off.

9. Matt Ryan-
This guy came out of the gates on fire. Had a great rookie year and yes, he had the old sophomore slump last year but he will have a bounce back year and put up solid numbers.

10. Joe Flacco- Still waiting for him to jump into the group I like to call MY TOP 5 this guy has a ton of talent good receivers but the lack of experience is holding him back. I think three years from now he will be a top five QB or another (Cock tail) Kerry Collins.